Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Check your mailbox

Reward: $100

Unlocks: --

Coral Island doesn't exactly start you off in style. Your new farm is little more than a shabby shack and a messy plot of land, and you're expected to repair things more or less on your own. There is some help to be had in the form of the island's carpenters, of course, but they need you to pony up some materials before they'll lend a hand.

You'll unlock Home Sweet Home shortly after beginning your new farm. Check the mailbox to the right of your house and you'll find a letter from Dinda and Joko, saying that they'll fix up your house if you give them the building materials. They need two things to fix up your house:

  • 50 Wood. You can get Wood by chopping down trees or chopping up branches on your property. You'll need to use your Axe for this purpose. 
  • 20 Stone. You can get Stone by smashing rocks on your property. You can use your Pickaxe to destroy rocks.

Gathering enough materials to repair your home will be your first brush with your Stamina bar. You'll likely have gathered some Wood and Stone while clearing room for crops, and you won't have enough Stamina overall to get 50 Wood and 20 Stone in a single day. Go seep in your house once you hit the limits of exhaustion. Note that you can take your Stamina below zero, but your actions will become slowed, and any negative Stamina you accrue will be taken off of your Stamina the next day.

Once you've gathered enough materials you'll need to head to head to the Carpenter. Though the majority of the island's homes and stores are found to the east of your farm, the Carpenter is to the north. Take the path to the left of your home and follow the road until you see a Ranch. The Carpenter is a short ways east of here.

Approach the front desk and you can make purchases. Choose Upgrade and you'll see the option to upgrade your house. Confirm this and Dinda and Joko will immediately get to work upgrading your home to something more livable. From this point on you can buy furniture in town and place it in your home. You can also use the TV to check the weather or learn more about the game.

One last thing. Once you complete Home Sweet Home you'll be prompted to end the quest manually. Go into your Journal and check the Quest menu. Here you can choose Claim Reward to receive your reward for completing the quest, and officially wrap up the quest.

Main Walkthrough