Main Walkthrough

Prerequisite: Starting Out

Reward: $150

Unlocks: --

Coral Island wouldn't be an open-world farming sim without things to collect, and the island's Museum is ground zero for collectibles. You can trigger the Museum's introductory quest, Empty No More, just by entering the place. You'll find the Museum a very short walk west of the Community Center, more or less in the middle of town.

Upon entering the Museum you'll meet Scott, an artist, who is pacing back and forth. He's distraught by the loss of everything he previously donated to the Museum, all of which was sold off to fund an oil spill cleanup. He wants to fill the Museum up again with new items, but he could use some help. Like it or not, you get recruited to help Scott restock the Museum.

To complete Empty No More you need to track down a single item that can find a spot in the Museum. You can donate three types of items to the Museum:

  • Fish. You can catch fish by fishing with a Fishing Pole. You'll receive one by completing the quest 
  • Bugs. You can catch bugs with a Bug Net. You'll also receive the Bug Net by completing the quest
  • Fossils. You can find fossils while diving.

The quickest, easiest way to complete this quest, then, is to head home, check your mail until you receive the letter that triggers Visit the Beach Shack, the quest that will get you both a Fishing Pole and a Bug Net. Either a bug or a fish will do. Once you have one or the other, head to the Museum and interact with the Donation Box in the middle of the Museum to drop off your find. Mark off the quest in your Journal to finish up and receive your reward.

Main Walkthrough