Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Cassandra's level 1 friendship

Reward: 150 G

Unlocks: Cassandra level 2 friendship, Internal Conflict

The co-owner of the Willow Waters Bathhouse, Cassandra spends much of her days working at the Bathhouse alongside Olive. If you need to find her you can often find her here, though she does like to wander the town. If you want to catch Cassandra early she lives at Osman's House, which is just south of your own home, though she won't stick around there for long in the mornings.

Once you've boosted the first level of your relationship with Cassandra to the max she will post a notice on the Bulletin Boards of Moonbury, apologizing profusely for the poor service of the Bathhouse. She claims all responsibility for any issues. Hrm. She invites anyone with a problem to come visit her home from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 to 18:00. 

Drop in at Osman's House and Cassandra will greet you. She says that she has regular anxiety attacks, and wonders if you can brew up something to help her calm down a little. You'll need to create a Relaxing Soother to help Cassandra get past her fears. It's a very simple Potion, though you can only use Water and Wind materials to make it. Here are some suggestions for ingredients:

  • A Daisy can fit onto the left side of the template. Daisies are found right at the entrance of Meadow Range.
  • A Lemon Balm works well on the right side of the template, beside the Daisy. Lemon Balms are found south of the landslide in Meadow Range.
  • Saps fill in the remaining gaps. You can get Sap by cutting down trees. (Though you'll have to leave the introductory section of Meadow Range to find Sap that will work here.)
Take the Relaxing Soother to Cassandra and she'll down it on the spot. The relaxing brew will calm her down and bring the quest to a close, unlocking the second level of your relationship with Cassandra in the process. Continue to befriend her and you'll unlock the quest Internal Conflict.