Main Walkthrough

Another trainer, another adventure, another championship, another Pokémon game. Welcome to the world of Kalos, a land full of mystery, intrigue, experience grinding, and, of course, new Pokémon to capture. After creating your character you'll be plopped into your house, and the trip begins.

Vaniville Village

Go upstairs, check the mirror to change out of your PJs, then leave home. You'll be in Vaniville Village, and a pair of young trainers, Calem / Serena (depending on your gender) and Shauna, will introduce themselves. They'll mention something about getting Pokémon for themselves and run off.

Have a look around town. You'll receive some rudimentary pointers about items and Pokémon and the like, and you can ride the Rhyhorn in your front yard if you want, but for the most part Vaniville Village is a dead end. The only items you'll receive here are story-based. Once you're done poking your nose where it doesn't belong, take the northern gate out of Vaniville Village.

Route 1: Vaniville Pathway

Head through Route 1. It's a straight path to your next destination. Exciting stuff.

Aquacorde Town

After the harrowing trip through Route 1 you'll arrive at Aquacorde Town. Once the shouting starts, follow it to the set of tables to the west. You'll meet your gang of rivals for the game, which includes Calem / Serena, Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor. You'll wind up fighting the four of them a lot over the next twenty-to-thirty hours of gameplay. They'll force you to take a nickname, which you can make whatever you like.

During the conversation you'll be prompted to choose your starter Pokémon. You have three choices for a starter: 
  • Chespin, a Grass-type Pokémon
  • Fennekin, a Fire-type Pokémon
  • Froakie, a Water-type Pokémon. 
All three are perfectly suitable for the challenges that lie ahead, and each will get their time to shine as you tackle Kalos' gyms. After receiving your Pokémon you'll also receive a Pokédex, which you'll use to track the Pokémon you see and capture in the Kalos Region. 

Once you're done choosing a starter you'll get a Prof's Letter to give to your mom. Swell. Now you can explore Aquacorde a bit:
  • Go down the stairs to the fountain in the center of town. A man near it will give you a Potion.
  • To the left of the fountain is a store that sells Poké Balls for 200 P. You have 3,000 P to start, so you may want to buy four or five so you can catch a few Pokémon once you reach the first patches of tall grass.
  • Down and to the right of the fountain is a store that sells Potions for 300 P. Buying two or three can't hurt.
  • Up and to the right of the fountain is a small-town equivalent of a Pokémon Center. You can bring your Pokémon here and receive a quick, full heal. Handy.
  • In the top-right corner of town is a Photo Spot that's currently inactive. Later in the game you'll be able to use these to take snapshots in a variety of locations around Kalos, but... not right now.
If you try to leave Aquacorde Town by the north you'll run afoul of a dude who's unwilling to let you pass. Jerk. You'll have no choice but to head back to Vaniville Village, and on your way you'll get into your first Pokémon battle.

Pokémon Trainer Shauna
  • Froakie (if you chose Chespin) / Chespin (if you chose Froakie) / Fennekin (if you chose Froakie), level 5
Reward: 500 P

Your first battle is a piece of cake, as Shauna's Pokémon is automatically weak to your Pokémon's type. Use your elemental attack to quickly whittle it down. Three hits with your Pokémon's offensive move should do it.

Head home, for real this time. Your mother will pack the essentials for your trip, including a Town Map. You can use this to check your position in Kalos. Leave home with the Map in hand and the guy in Aquacorde will now let you pass.

Return Trip

You can meet Shauna in Vaniville Town again after you've beaten the Champion of Kalos. She'll trade you the initial stage of her starter in exchange for any Pokémon you like.