Part 36: Route 18 and Terminus Cave

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Couriway Town Pokémon

  • Floatzel - Uncommon, Surfing
  • Lombre - Common, Floating
Couriway Town Fishing
  • Basculin - Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)
  • Poliwag - Common (Old Rod)
  • Poliwhirl - Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)

Whether or not you decided to explore Terminus Cave you'll ultimately take shelter in little Couriway Town. A lovely burg, Couriway is one of the last peaceful stops between you and the final stages of the game. Have a look around and enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.
  • Check the flowery bush across the street from the Pokémon Center for a hidden Pretty Wing.
  • Next to the Pokémon Center and up a flight of stairs is a train stop. A woman here will give you TM89 U-Turn. You'll also find a Rare Candy here, at the end of the platform. Check the corner of the fencing at the top of the first set of stairs leading up to the platform to find a hidden Ether. You can also find a secret message from Sycamore on the right bench.
  • South of the Pokémon Center is a home with a little girl inside. She wants to meet a Pokémon that has the Nuzzle Ability, and will give you a Revive if you can fulfill her request. The Pikachu line, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne can all satisfy the girl.
  • In front of the bottom bench on the eastern boardwalk, on the waterfront, is a Burn Heal.
Heal up before you try to head across the bridge in the south, as Sycamore's about to show up and challenge you to a battle. He is not a pushover like he was in Lumiose City.

Pokémon Professor Sycamore
  • Venusaur, level 50
  • Blastoise, level 50
  • Charizard, level 50
Reward: 7,000 P

Ooo, brutal team, right there. All three Pokémon are quite strong and have powerful moves to match. Target their weaknesses while simultaneously sending out Pokémon that will resist their attacks. Alternatively, send out something that's resistant to Grass-type moves and have it boost its stats with moves like Swords Dance. You'll be ready to thrash Blastoise and Charizard once Venusaur goes down.

With Sycamore out of your way you can go back to exploring Couriway Town.

  • Check the house on the other side of the bridge after you trounce Sycamore. A girl inside will quiz you about your starter Pokémon. Answer her two questions correctly for a Mystic Water, a Miracle Seed, or a Charcoal, depending on your starter. 
  • Climb the stairs on the right side of the bridge. There's a Photo Stop at the top, and near it is the Couriway Hotel. A little girl in the lobby will ask you a question; answer 'Water' for TM55 Scald. Upstairs another girl will give your lead Pokémon a Relax Ribbon if you come here on Fridays, and Mr. Bonding will give you the Stealth O-Power.
  • Beside the Hotel is a man who will sell you Fresh Water for $300, once a day. He'll give you an Oran Berry for the purchase. Behind him, by the waterfalls, is a Max Potion. Check the tiny island splitting the flowing water from the waterfalls for a hidden Prism Scale.
That's all for Couriway Town, at least until you can climb waterfalls. Heal up your Pokémon, if necessary, then make the trip out to Route 19, on the south end of Couriway Town.

Route 19: Grand Vallée Way Pokémon
  • Arbok (Horde) - Rare
  • Carnivine - Rare, Flowers / Swamp
  • Drapion - Common, Flowers
  • Gligar (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Haunter - Rare, Flowers / Swamp
  • Karrablast - Rare, Flowers
  • Quagsire - Common (Swamp / Surfing) / Rare (Flowers)
  • Shelmet - Rare, Flowers / Swamp
  • Sliggoo - Rare, Flowers / Swamp / Surfing
  • Stunfisk - Uncommon, Swamp / Surfing
  • Weepinbell - Uncommon, Flowers
  • Weepinbell (Horde) - Common
Route 19 Fishing
  • Barboach - Common (Good Rod)
  • Politoed - Rare (Super Rod)
  • Poliwag - Common (Old Rod)
  • Poliwhirl - Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)
  • Whiscash - Common (Super Rod)
Straight south of the entrance gate is your first trainer. To the right of her, in a rock, is a Net Ball. Up the stairs near the Net Ball is a flower field, beyond which you'll run into a Sky Trainer battle.

Hex Maniac Josette
  • Pumpkaboo, level 50
  • Pumpkaboo, level 50
Reward: 1,600 P

Sky Trainer Sera
  • Noctowl, level 50
  • Aerodactyl, level 52
Reward: 5,200 P

Noctowl is barely worth mentioning. Aerodactyl, by contrast, can murder Flying-types with Stone Edge. Bring along a Pokémon with Levitate rather than Levitate to avoid getting demolished by Stone Edge. If you have to straight-up fight the thing with a Flying-type then Ice-, Water- or Electric-type attacks are good choices, so long as your Pokémon is faster than the Aerodactyl.

There's a flower field just south of the Sky Trainer. Check the bottom-right corner where the flowers end for a hidden Antidote. Go down the stairs to the west and you'll find a patrolling trainer. If you look in the flowers to the south of her you can find a path on the left that eventually leads to an HP Up. You can use stepping stones near her to reach a Max Revive, as well as cross back to the north side of Route 19.

Fairy Tale Girl Lovelyn
  • Mr. Mime, level 49
  • Azumarill, level 49
  • Aromatisse, level 49
Reward: 1,568 P

This collection of Fairy-types can be dangerous if you've been using Poison-types to take out Fairy trainers. Mr. Mime is part Psychic, and Aromatisse can use the move Psychic. Steel or Fire are safer alternatives.

If you want to get Route 19 over with you can cross the bridge in the south. The path to your next destination is beyond. If you want to complete the Route, however, you'll need to return to the entrance. Use the jumping rocks to head back and you'll find a pair of stairs near the first trainer you fought. Descend the stairs to find a swamp. Surf south and you'll find a pair of trainers waiting. East of them, in the swampy water, is a Damp Rock hidden in some plants.

Rangers Ivy & Orrick
  • Tauros, level 53
  • Miltank, level 53
Reward: 8,480 P

Man, always pairing these two together. Tauros is the more annoying, as it loves to confuse your Pokémon with Swagger, putting you at risk of your Pokémon knocking themselves out. Bring in at least one Fighting-type and focus both of your Pokémon on Tauros. Miltank is only a serious threat if you use an extremely fast Pokémon, as it has Gyro Ball, and even then you aren't too likely to have something weak to a Steel-type move.

West of Ivy and Orrick is another trainer in the water. Wade south of her after the battle to find a Rare Bone.

Swimmer Coral
  • Stunfisk, level 52
Reward: 832 P

Wade back north. Ahead is a trainer. The piece of rubble beside her contains a hidden Escape Rope. You'll hop in the water just past her, and further north you'll run into another trainer, patrolling near some stairs.

Pokémon Ranger Clementine
  • Alomomola, level 54 
Reward: 4,320 P

Pokémon Ranger Ambre
  • Emolga, level 51
  • Grumpig, level 51
Reward: 4,080 P

Head north of Ambre, ignoring the stairs for the moment. There's a giant block to move into a hole with Strength, and despite the camera angle you can slide in beside its north end. Push it down one square from the north, then right, then up into line with the hole. Beyond is a Toxic Plate.

Backtrack and climb the stairs by Ambre. Past a field of flowers on your left is a PP Up. On the right is a bridge that will take you to another trainer, east of whom you'll find a Yache Berry tree. Up the stairs to the south of the trainer is TM36 Sludge Bomb.

Pokémon Ranger Shinobu
  • Zangoose, level 51
  • Beartic, level 51
Reward: 4,080 P

Zangoose is a bit of a surprise with X-Scissor, especially if paired with Swords Dance. Beartic is not quite so oddball, and will usually try to hit you with Blizzard. A Fighting-type is ideal for countering both Pokémon.

Collecting the TM will bring you to a ledge that you leap off of to find the gate back to Couriway Town. You may want to go heal before proceeding any further. Head to the bridge in the south that we ignored earlier once your party is ready, then cross. When you get partway across you'll run into one... two... and three familiar faces. Make sure you're healed up, as you're about to tackle a trio of trainers, one after the other.

Pokémon Trainer Shauna
  • Delcatty, level 49
  • Goodra, level 49
  • Greninja / Delphox / Chesnaught, level 51
Reward: 5,100 P

Poor Shauna. She's gotten much stronger since your last fight, way back in Aquacorde Town, but she's still not a huge threat. Delcatty is only good for stalling, Goodra is a middling brawler, and her starter will always be weak to your own starter.

Pokémon Trainer Tierno
  • Talonflame, level 48
  • Roserade, level 49
  • Crawdaunt, level 52
Reward: 5,200 P

No Ludicolo? So much for the whole dancing schtick. That aside, Tierno isn't difficult. All three of his Pokémon are strong but frail, and the chances are good that you'll outpace them. Crawdaunt can hit really hard after a single Swords Dance, so try to knock it out in one hit.

Pokémon Trainer Trevor
  • Raichu, level 49
  • Aerodactyl, level 49
  • Florges, level 51
Reward: 5,100 P

Trevor is more dangerous than his buddies. Raichu will spam Thunderbolt to start, but it's relatively easy to knock out with a Ground-type. Aerodactyl is always a threat, and is best handled with Ice-type moves. Florges spends too much time setting up to really trouble you, and can be wiped out with Steel- or Poison-type moves.

After beating the rival trio you'll receive HM05 Waterfall. Equipping this move on one of your Pokémon will allow you ride up the many waterfalls in the Kalos region. You'll need this near the very end of your trip, though most waterfalls you come across are just roadblocks to useful items.

Continue across the bridge. Check the top-right corner of the flower field on the other side for a hidden Timer Ball. Keep going and you'll soon be in Snowbelle City, home of the final Pokémon League gym. 

Return Trip - Couriway Town
  • In the south of Couriway Town there's a waterfall you can climb once you teach one of your Pokémon Waterfall. At the top is TM80 Rock Slide.
  • Visit the waterfalls near the Hotel between 8 and 9 pm, once you've completed the game and upgraded your Mega Ring. There's a Gyaradosite gleaming away at the base of one of the waterfalls.

Part 38: Snowbelle City and Route 20

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