Part 32: Route 17 and Anistar City

Main Walkthrough

Six Gym Badges down, two to go. Anistar City Gym is your next challenge, and it's populated by a ton of Psychic-type Pokémon. Make sure you come at this place with at least a good Bug- or Dark-type move, or you might have some trouble making it to the Gym Leader.

Enter the gym. It's the ornate building in the north, near the café. It looks pretty unassuming at first... at least until you step onto the carpet in the middle of the room, blowing it away and revealing the actual gym. It's a large, spherical set of pathways that you need to traverse in 3D fashion, finding your way to the Gym Leader. If you want to leave, stand on the carpet again to reassemble the house.

Walk straight ahead. You don't have much choice but to face the first trainer.

Psychic Paschal
  • Exeggutor, level 46
Reward: 2,576 P

Approach the yellow tile ahead. You'll zip to another area of the sphere maze. Take the northern path at the next split and continue east. Step on the tile ahead, as there's no point going north. Take the left path leading south in the next area. Continue south on the next platform.

Carry on south when you reappear. If you take the left side when the path splits, you'll hit a trainer. Go right to avoid him.

Psychic Harry
  • Medicham, level 46
Reward: 2,576 P

The path splits to the south. Go east (west is a dead end) to the next tile. Follow the path until it turns pink. Take the left turn at the next small split and you'll hit a trainer. Keep going straight and you can skip him.

Psychic Arthur
  • Reuniclus, level 46
Reward: $2,576

Carry on south to the next yellow tile and it will teleport you to another two-way split.
To the north you'll find a trainer who's sitting at a dead-end. To the west you'll find another trainer whom you can skip by going north, as well as the next yellow tile.

Hex Maniac Arachna (North)
  • Jynx, level 46
Reward: 1,472 P

Hex Maniac Melanie (West)
  • Gardevoir, level 46
Reward: $1,472 P

Past the next warp and to the north you'll find the gym leader. Prepare yourself!

Leader Olympia
  • Sigilyph, level 44
  • Slowking, level 45
  • Meowstic, level 48
Reward: 7,680 P, TM 04

Olympia's Pokémon are quite good at stalling and preparing for her final Pokémon. Sigilyph kicks the battle off with Reflect to buffer your attacks, following up with Psychic. Slowking will use Yawn before going to Psychic. These seem to be largely used to set up Meowstic, which will buff itself with Calm Mind and then batter your side with Psychic and Shadow Ball. Do what you can to wait out the effects of the other two Pokémon before taking them down so Meowstic doesn't have any advantages when it comes out to play. Though strong, it's also quite frail.

Winning the battle will earn you the Psychic Badge, allowing you to control Pokémon up to level 90. You'll also gain TM04 Calm Mind. Woo! Number seven is yours!

Part 34: Lysandre Labs

Main Walkthrough