Frost Cavern Pokémon
  • Beartic - Uncommon, Walking
  • Bergmite - Uncommon, Walking
  • Cryogonal - Rare, Walking
  • Cubchoo (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Floatzel - Uncommon, Surfing
  • Haunter - Rare, Walking
  • Jynx - Uncommon, Walking
  • Piloswine - Uncommon, Walking
  • Poliwhirl - Common, Surfing
  • Smoochum (Horde) - Rare
  • Vanillite (Horde) - Common
Route 16 Fishing
  • Basculin - Common (Good Rod)
  • Poliwag - Common (Old Rod, Good Rod)
  • Poliwhirl - Common (Good Rod, Super Rod)
Found to the north of Dendemille City, Frost Cavern is a must-see visit on your trip through Kalos as your progress through Route 17 is blocked until you make your way through the Cavern. You'll go up against the infamous ice-sliding mechanic that is a staple of most Pokémon games, so you'll need to follow some of the instructions in this guide to the letter to complete the Frost Cavern.

True to its name the Frost Cavern is filled with ice and snow, and you'll wind up facing a lot of Ice-type Pokémon. Fire-, Steel-, and Fighting-type moves are recommended for making your way through here, though you should also bring counters for Fighting-types, as a lot of the local trainers have Fighting-type Pokémon on their teams. Tread carefully.

Just north of the entrance to Frost Cavern is the first trainer of the Route. He's guarding a waterfall that you can't make use of until you've reached the end of the game.

Hiker Ross
  • Virbava, level 44
Reward: 2,464 P

Run down the path to the east of the entrance. You'll see a Sky Trainer standing on a ledge, beside a bridge. Approach him for a battle.

Sky Trainer Celso
  • Carnivine, level 41
  • Swanna, level 44
Reward: 4,400 P

Head north, across the bridge near Celso. A small cut scene regarding the Frost Cavern follows. To the east of here you'll find a dead-end cliff's edge. Approach it and a Sky Trainer will challenge you to a battle.

Sky Trainer Era
  • Cryogonal, level 45
Reward: 4,500 P

Depending on your Flying-type, this battle can range from very easy to very risky. You'll minimize the risk by using a Fire-type to fry the Cryogonal. Otherwise, you face an Ice-type move that will clip a Flying-type's wings in one hit. 

Continue down the path to the west. A crazy old man who apparently has no concept of cold weather is here to challenge you. Just north of him, hidden against the small ledge, is an X Sp. Def.

Artist Salvador
  • Smeargle, level 44
Reward: 2,464 P

There's a Photo Spot ahead, and near it is the entrance to the actual Frost Cavern. Time to take the plunge.

Frost Cavern - 1F

Check the hunk of ice to the left of the two signs near the entrance of the Frost Cavern for an Ice Heal. Dead ahead when you enter is a patrolling trainer.

Ace Trainer Cordelia
  • Doublade, level 44
Reward: 4,600 P

Slide east and north along the ice. Note that you cannot stop moving on ice until you hit a solid object, usually a wall. Past Pokémon players will know this well. North of here the path splits, and if you continue north you'll find stairs. One of the rocks in the small room at the top of the stairs contains a Dire Hit.

Backtrack down the stairs and slide across the ice to the right to face another trainer. Hidden in the wall up and to the left of the trainer, across the ice, is a hidden Dusk Ball. North of here are stairs.

Ace Trainer Neil
  • Raichu, level 42
  • Marowak, level 43
  • Golduck, level 42
Reward: 4,300 P

Frost Cavern - 2F

Slide north in the next room, to the opposite side of the ice. Check the ice hunk to your right when you land for an Ice Heal. Next, slide south, east, south, west, and north. You'll wind up on a patch of land. Slide west of here and you'll wind up on a small island, by a trainer.

Hiker Delmon
  • Relicanth, level 42
  • Rhydon, level 42
Reward: 2,352 P

Slide north from Delmon's little island, through the narrow ice channel. You'll find an Ice Heal against the top wall. Slide back south to Delmon's island, then move two tiles to the left of him and slide south, then west when you hit the larger ice formation. The path will split in two directions. Whether you slide north or west you'll run into trainers.

Brains & Brawn Eoin & Wolf (West)
  • Grumpig, level 44
  • Hariyama, level 46
Reward: 4,784 P

Hariyama can do a lot of damage with Wake-up Slap if Grumpig manages to put your Pokémon to sleep. Target Grumpig first, as it takes less effort to kill.

Black Belt Alonzo
  • Scrafty, level 43
  • Throh, level 44
Reward: 4,784 P

Regardless of the path you take you'll wind up fighting a third trainer if you head south. You can skip her by jumping into the river on your left, if you wish.

Battle Girl Kinsey
  • Sawk, level 43
  • Mienshao, level 44
Reward: 2,112 P

Surf to your left and look for a stretch of land that leads to a staircase. At the bottom is a rock that's icy cold, which you can use to evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon. Level up the Eevee in this room to trigger the transformation. Also in this small room is an Icy Rock. Go back upstairs and Surf south.

Head back upstairs and Surf back to the main path. Walk south until you have two ice formations beside you, one to the south and one to the east. The southern chunk of ice contains a Pearl. Step onto the ice to your left and slide south, east, and south. Once there, walk two steps west and slide north, then east. You'll wind up beside a Max Repel. Repeat the previous process to reach the stairs near the Max Repel. If you slide over to the water's edge on the south side of the ice you can hop in and Surf south to find a Never-Melt Ice.

Frost Cavern - 1F

A girl right near the entrance to this level will heal your Pokémon. Just south of her is a Hyper Potion. Be careful not to slide down the slope near this girl, as it will take you back to the beginning of Frost Cavern. North of here is a waiting trainer.

Hiker Alain
  • Graveler, level 40
  • Graveler, level 41
  • Carbink, level 42
Reward: 2,532 P

The Gravelers are a big worry, as they will not die in a single hit and may use Self Destruct to cause significant amounts of damage. Avoid this with a multi-hitting move, if possible. The Carbink is just annoying.

Head up the stairs near Alain. Check the ice formation to your right for a Super Potion, then continue up the next set of stairs. 

Frost Cavern - 3F

You'll run into an excessive amount of ice on the third floor of the Frost Cavern. Start by sliding north to take on a patrolling trainer.

Black Belt Kenji
  • Gurdurr, level 46
Reward: 2,208 P

Slide east of Kenji, into the narrow channel to your right, to find another trainer. (Or skip him, if you want. There's nothing over here.)

Hiker Brent
  • Probopass, level 44
Reward: 2,464 P

Sturdy will prevent you from OHKOing this guy, so try for a multi-hit strike. Fighting-type moves are great. Watch out for a surprise Discharge if you use a Water-type Pokémon.

Return to Kenji and slide west off of the land, then south, then east, then north. This will put you on a tiny island where you'll find an Ether. Slide back to Kenji, then stand one square down and to the left of the ice to the right of the trainer. Slide diagonally right and down, then west, then diagonally up and right. You'll find a trainer after leaving the ice. In the block immediately beside her is a hidden Elixir.

Battle Girl Gabrielle
  • Medicham, level 46
Reward: 2,208 P

Keep following the ice to the east. When you see a path to your right, slide over to it for a Zinc. There are stairs in the south that lead to, yes, another ice field. 

Frost Cavern - 2F

You'll wind up in a small room. Slide east from the top of the ice spike nearest the entrance, then south, then diagonally north and west. One more slide south will shuttle you to TM79 Frost Breath

Frost Cavern - 3F

Return to the giant ice field and head north of Kenji, the Black Belt you fought earlier. You'll find some Team Flare Grunts, and you and Trevor will have to fend them off.

Team Flare Grunt
  • Golbat, level 42
  • Manectric, level 42
Reward: 1,680 P

After the Grunt goes down, approach the blue-haired Team Flare member in the middle.

Team Flare Mabel
  • Houndoom, level 48
Reward: 6,720 P

Houndoom is always a straightforward glass cannon, and one Water-type or Fighting-type move will take it down. It will use Embargo to stop you from using items, but so long as you deploy a good first Pokémon this will barely matter.

Talk to the Abomanow in this room once you've gotten rid of Team Flare. It will give you Abomasite. Before you leave the cave, look southeast of Abomasnow. There's a small pit. On the right side of the pit, hidden, is a PP Up. That will finish up your business in Frost Cavern, so you can either slide your way back south in the last few rooms or use an Escape Rope to leave. You have a date with Route 17.

Return Trip
  • Though it wasn't mentioned in this article, there's a waterfall just outside the cave portion of Frost Cavern, on the west side of the map. Descend it with the move of the same name to find a Heart Scale on a small piece of land.
  • Surf east, under the bridge that leads into the cavern. At the end of the water you'll see a southbound path. At the end of it is TM71 Stone Edge.
  • Return to Frost Cavern after upgrading your Mega Ring. Behind the Abomasnow, between 8 PM and 9 PM, is Scizorite.