Part 28: Dendemille Town

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Lost Hotel Pokémon

  • Electrode - Uncommon, Walking
  • Garbodor - Rare, Shaking Trash Cans
  • Klefki - Uncommon, Walking
  • Litwick - Uncommon, Walking
  • Magneton - Uncommon, Walking
  • Pawniard - Uncommon, Walking
  • Rotom (Normal Form) - Common, Shaking Trash Cans - Tuesdays Only
  • Rotom (Fan, Frost, Heat, Mow, Wash Forms) - Rare, Shaking Trash Cans - Tuesdays Only
  • Trubbish - Common, Shaking Trash Cans
Another optional location along the main path of Pokémon X and Y, Lost Hotel is a short diversion that you'll nevertheless need to take to complete your Pokédex. It's the only place in either game that you can get Rotom, short of trading from other games, and most of Rotom's forms are so rare that you'll be searching for a long time to get them all. Have fun!

You'll quickly notice that Lost Hotel is full of trash cans, and these trash cans will occasionally shake. Sometimes this means they contain an item, while other times they contain a Pokémon. The cans shake on their own, and they only reset a day, so catching Pokémon largely comes down to luck. If you want to catch the Rotom in these quaking cans you'll need to visit on Tuesdays.

Lost Hotel is located beneath Routes 15 and 16, and you'll need to visit both Routes to explore the whole thing. We'll start on Route 15. Look for the larger set of ruins, near the exit to Dendemille Town. The stairs on the lower floor will take you down into Lost Hotel. It won't take long before you run into a pair of people, one of whom (the Punk Guy) is a trainer.

Punk Guy Sid
  • Scrafty, level 39
  • Pawniard, level 39
  • Sharpedo, level 39
Reward: 1,872 P

Head south from Sid, ignoring the turn on your left for a moment. There's a trainer wandering around down here, and behind her is a Smoke Ball.

Punk Girl Jeanne
  • Seviper, level 40
  • Arbok, level 40
Reward: 1,920 P

There are bars in the south blocking your progress, forcing you back north. Take the left you ignored earlier. You'll run across a pair of trainers.

Punk Couple Zoya & Asa
  • Pangoro, level 42
  • Garbodor, level 42
Reward: 4,032 P

Head east and north. You'll be introduced to Boss, an elderly fellow who will teach you the cosmic flip Roller Skate trick. He won't teach you this until you've learned tricks from four Roller Skaters on the streets of Lumiose City. At the end of the hall to the east of Boss you'll find a Twisted Spoon. Bash through the wall near the Twisted Spoon with Rock Smash to find TM95 Snarl.

That's all for the first section of Lost Hotel. To get at the second section, head onto Route 16 - you'll need Strength to access it - and enter the first set of ruins you see as you travel south. Behind some extremely tall grass is the alternate entrance to Lost Hotel. The first trainer is patrolling to the west.

Punk Guy Slater
  • Dunsparce, level 42
Reward: 2,016 P

There are two walls here to crush using Rock Smash. Behind the right wall is nothing; behind the left is a Dread Plate. Head as far west as you can and you'll find a Skater. She'll hand over TM56 Fling.

Head back east and go north at the first intersection. There's a trainer patrolling the area.

Punk Guy Jacques
  • Skuntank, level 40
  • Crawdaunt, level 40
Reward: 1,920 P

Head northwest. There's a trainer waiting.

Punk Girl Cecile
  • Liepard, level 40
  • Liepard, level 40
Reward: 1,920 P

There are multiple walls to bust up to the south of Cecile. Go through the right walls to find a Protector. The Protector is the last thing you'll find in Lost Hotel besides a final trash can, so it's time to head back to Dendemille Town and rest up a bit.

Part 30: Route 16

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