Route 8: Muraille Coast Pokémon (Beach)
  • Binacle - Uncommon, Rock Smash
  • Dwebble - Common, Rock Smash
  • Tentacool - Common, Surfing
  • Wailmer - Uncommon, Surfing
Route 8 Fishing
  • Clauncher - Common (Good Rod) - Pokémon X only
  • Clawitzer - Common (Super Rod) - Pokémon X only
  • Cloyster - Rare (Super Rod) - Pokémon Y only
  • Dragalge - Common (Super Rod) - Pokémon Y only
  • Luvdisc - Common (Old Rod)
  • Qwilfish - Common (Super Rod)
  • Shellder - Common (Good Rod) - Pokémon Y only
  • Skrelp - Common (Good rod) - Pokémon Y only
  • Starmie - Rare (Super Rod) - Pokémon X only
  • Staryu - Common (Good Rod) - Pokémon X only
Head back through Ambrette Town and go through the Aquarium's lower exit. You'll find yourself on Route 8's lower half, on the beachfront. There's no grass down here for hunting Pokémon, so unless you want to deploy your Old Rod or do some Rock Smashing you'll likely have to content yourself with fighting trainers.

Wander west, to the coastline, and follow it far to the south. There's a Pearl in the rock at the bottom. On the way back north, look for two breakable rocks against the cliff face. Go southwest of here, down to the nearest corner of the shallow water, then walk two steps diagonally northeast. Check the sand for a Rare Candy.

Walk north down the stairs and you'll see two large boulders surrounding one smaller, breakable rock. North of this are two small rocks. The lower one contains a hidden Ultra Ball. Northwest of here you'll see a Mago Berry tree growing in the sand. Also near this tree, at the tip of the sand, is a Sky Battle trainer. You may need to hunt around a bit to find the trigger point for the battle.

Sky Trainer Colm
  • Mantyke, level 28
  • Jumpluff, level 29
Reward: 2,900 P

Considering the time at which you get here, this battle is quite difficult. The Mantyke is surprisingly strong. If you can't use Electric-type attacks then you should wait until your Pokémon are around level 30 before taking it on. The Jumpluff isn't nearly as bad.

Stand beneath the tree where the Berry was sitting. Take four steps to the west and turn south without actually stepping south. There's a hidden Stardust in the sand.

Head back south briefly. You'll see a breakable boulder to your left, beside a rock you can't break. Take seven steps south of these two rocks (get into the niche between them) to find a Heart Scale.

Follow the beach along the cliff's edge. A girl here will give you a Dowsing Machine. Equip this and you can find hidden items throughout the game. You can start by walking four steps south and three steps west to find a Pearl. If you had trouble finding any of the hidden items elsewhere on Route 8 - or along any of the Routes you've already traversed - you may want to backtrack and put the Dowsing Machine to work.

Continue north. A trainer awaits.

Swimmer Genevieve
  • Wingull, level 19
  • Psyduck, level 21
Reward: 336 P

Follow the cliffs north of Genevieve until you see a small divot. Standing in it will trigger a Sky Battle with a trainer standing above you.

Sky Trainer Aveza
  • Skiploom, level 19
  • Swoobat, level 22
Reward: 2,200 P

You'll see three trainers by the beach. Two are fishing while the third is on patrol. Further north of them you'll leave Route 8 behind and reach Cyllage City.

Fisherman Wharton
  • Tentacool, level 19
  • Tentacool, level 19
  • Tentacool, level 19
Reward: 1,064 P

Fisherman Shad
  • Shellder, level 20
  • Staryu, level 20
Reward: 1,120 P

Swimmer Marissa
  • Masquerain, level 22
Reward: 352 P

Cyllage City

Ahh, finally, another city with a Pokémon League Gym. Cyllage City is pretty big, and worth looking around before you try and tackle the gym.
  • There's a small house on the southern edge of town. Inside is a man who will give you a Sachet. Behind his house is a rock containing an Ether.
  • Head up onto the paved path through town. The Pokémon Center is on your left. Inside is a man who will trade a Steelix for a Luvdisc. You can easily fish up a Luvdisc with an Old Rod down on the beach. 
  • In the house to the left of the Pokémon Center is a woman who will massage your Pokémon and increase its friendliness. This is necessary for evolving certain species of Pokémon, and will improve the power of the Return attack.
  • Across the street from the Pokémon Center is a bicycle shop. Once inside, the woman at the counter will quiz you. Answer 'Of course!', then choose a color and you'll get a Bicycle.
  • A woman on the street, north of the bike shop, will sell you Soda Pop for $300 apiece.
  • Further north along the main road is the local Clothing Boutique. Swank yourself up with some of their new items. By this point in the game you'll probably have enough money to spare for some new duds.
  • North of the Pokémon Center is another house. Inside is a woman who will quiz you. The answers are 'Persim Berry' and 'Confused'. Answer correctly and she'll give you some Persim Berries.
  • The Hotel Cyllage is in the north end of Cyllage City. A man on the left side of the lobby will give you TM44 Rest, the woman next to him will give you TM 88 Sleep Talk, and a maid on the second floor will give you a Destiny Knot. A woman in one of the rooms on the second floor will give you the Snooze Ribbon. Mr. Bonding is also on the second floor, and will give you the Prize Money O-Power.
  • Next to the Hotel is a café. You can pay to sit in various parts of the café. Speak to the patrons in these areas and you'll learn of Pokémon for your Pokédex.
  • West of town is a small island you can walk out to via the shoals. Check the rock on it for a Pearl.
  • Behind a bench in the east end of town, near the large cycling hill, is a Super Potion.
  • Climb the paved hill to the south of the bench. A man with a peculiar hairstyle will stop you and give you HM04 Strength. Equipping Strength on a Pokémon will allow you to push large rocks out of your way. He'll head south, where you'll find the entrance to the Cyllage City Gym. Hidden on a rock near the entrance is a Protein.
  • Check the cliffs west of the gym and you'll find a hill leading back into town. On the way down is an X Defense.
  • Continue up the paved hills to the north of the gym until you're at the top of the highest incline. Stop in the middle of the incline and you'll be near an X Sp. Atk. Walk to get it or you'll almost certainly slide down the hill.
  • Go down the hill to the bottom. To the west is a biker by a white line. Move one step south of the biker and look to your right. You'll find a hidden X Speed on the ground.
That's enough wandering around. If you feel that your team isn't ready to tackle the next gym you can head north to find Route 10 and do some training there. Otherwise you should head to the gym and get your second Badge.

Return Trip - Route 8

Surf out from the coastline and look along the western edge of the map for a small chain of islands. On the largest one is a Heart Scale in a rock. Swimming nearby is a trainer.

Swimmer Ramses
  • Tentacool, level 30
Reward: 480 P

A short ways northwest of here is a shallow spot in the water. Circling it is a trainer, and sitting in the middle of it is TM19 Roost.

Swimmer Estaban
  • Skrelp, level 28
  • Horsea, level 28
Reward: 448 P

Return Trip - Cyllage City
  • Surf north of the TM you just found on Route 8. Almost on the border between Cyllage City and Route 9 is a small house on an island. The boy in here will give you a Charti Berry.
  • Along the paved paths on the cliffs of Cyllage City is the western entrance to Connecting Cave, which you passed through earlier to reach Ambrette Town. Once you've beaten the Cyllage City Gym you can use Strength to move the boulders inside into place and pass through more easily. Talk to the Backpacker inside to receive TM 21 Frustration, and push the northern boulder into place to receive TM40 Aerial Ace.