Part 26: Mistralton Cave

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Chargestone Cave Pokémon

  • Boldore - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Drilbur - Common, Dust Clouds, All Seasons
  • Ferroseed - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Joltik - Common, Walking, All Seasons
  • Klink - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Nosepass - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Tynamo - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
Ahh, Chargestone Cave. If there is one area you'll hate in both of the Pokémon Black and White series of games, it's Chargestone Cave. There are tons of trainers, a lot of ground to cover, and the encounter rate is above average. It's highly recommended that you take a bunch of Parlyz Heals, Repels and Escape Ropes, as you may go a little crazy trying to run through the Cave in a single go, surrounded by Pokémon that paralyze your team every five seconds.

When you enter the Cave Bianca will be waiting for you. She'll say something about pushing stones around, then run off into the cave to do some research. You'll understand what she means shortly when you come across a floating stone in your path - you have to push it out of your way and it will stick to a much larger stone nearby. Fancy. Grab the Full Heal from beside the larger stone, then carry on north.

You'll come to a ledge with a gap blocked by another floating stone. Push the stone to the right to get rid of it, then go up the stairs to the north. A trainer is waiting.

Guitarist Anna
  • Emolga, level 30
Reward: 960 P

From here you'll also see a Scientist wandering around.

Scientist Reginald
  • Magneton, level 30
Reward: 1,440 P

A short ways to the south of the scientist are two floating stones. Push the one on the right further right to get at the Max Repel beyond. Then head back to the first trainer, above the ledges blocking off the scientist, and wander east. Just north of you is another ledge; skirt around and go on top of it to find a Yellow Shard hidden under the small floating stone. Check all the way east for a Hyper Potion.

There are two stones blocking your way. Push the top one to the left, and the bottom down. To the east the road splits; go north first. To the right of a flight of stairs you'll see a small clearing with a blue patch in the middle, and hidden in the blue patch is a Hyper Potion. Return to the intersection and run south until you see a bridge. Head across it and a mysterious someone will begin to talk, though you can probably figure out who it is by what they say.

Push the stone on the east side of the bridge down towards the next magnetic stone. Head southeast from here to run into a trainer.

Ace Trainer Corky
  • Sandslash, level 33
  • Unfezant, level 33
  • Klink, level 33
Reward: 1,980 P

You'll see stairs nearby. Before going down them, look to the two floating stones to the south. Push the lower stone to the left to open the way beyond to a Magnet, perched on the tip of a cliff. Then head back to, and down, the stairs.

First Basement

Follow the path at the bottom of the stairs to the west. You'll soon see a man and a boy standing against a wall. Talk to them to receive a Nugget and a Big Nugget. Go west from here and follow the path to find some stairs leading to the first floor, where you can both easily escape Chargestone Cave, receive a Funfest Mission, and fight a trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Louis
  • Ampharos, level 34
Reward: 2,040 P, Chesto Berry

A short way south of Louis you'll see a small, floating stone. Under it is a Carbos. Grab it, then backtrack to Nugget Man and Nugget Boy. Go northeast from here, up the stairs, and you'll find a split in the path. Take the far left, smallest path first and you'll find a hidden Ultra Ball. The middle path is nondescript, while the right path takes you past a trainer who's more or less guarding an Iron.

Pokémon Ranger Briana
  • Minccino, level 33
  • Excadrill, level 33
Reward: 1,980 P, Chesto Berry

All three paths converge on a Doctor, who will fight you for healing services.

Doctor Kit
  • Solosis, level 32
  • Gothita, level 32
Reward: 1,920 P

North of the Doctor you'll run into a Scientist.

Scientist Lumi
  • Joltik, level 32
  • Golbat, level 32
Reward: 1,536 P

Go west. You're forced to push two stones out of your way to reach a Revive, as well as Bianca, who's sitting against a wall to the north. All she says is that she's researching a Pokémon named Tynamo, which are indeed found in the cave. To Bianca's right is the path out of Chargestone Cave, while the stairs to her left lead to a sub-basement.

Second Basement

South of the stairs is a trainer.

Guitarist Beverly
  • Zebstrika, level 33
Reward: 1,056 P

Push the first stone you come to to the right and carry on south. On the ground to the southwest is an Escape Rope. To the northeast is a patrolling trainer.

Ace Trainer Shaye
  • Archen, level 34
  • Electabuzz, level 34
North of this trainer is a Thunderstone. Snag it, then hightail it back south. You'll see stairs on your left side, and if you go close enough to them a trainer will challenge you to a Rotation Battle.

Ace Trainer Vicki
  • Krokorok, level 33
  • Stoutland, level 33
  • Ferroseed, level 33
Go down the stairs after defeating Vicki to take on another trainer.

Hiker Jeremy
  • Onix, level 32
  • Boldore, level 32
Reward: 1,024 P

Go south of the Hiker, then swing east. You'll see a Metal Coat sitting on the ground. Grab it, then check the small path to the northeast. At the end of it is a hidden Electric Gem.

First Floor

That's it for extra exploration. Let's get outta this cavernous dump. Head back to the second floor where Bianca is waiting and go up the stairs to her right. Head south and you'll find a trainer patrolling the corridors.

Ace Trainer Mary
  • Tirtouga, level 34
  • Magmar, level 34
Reward: 2,040 P

After beating her, continue south to find a dead end, home to a Carbos that's guarded by a trainer.

Hiker Otto
  • Aron, level 32
  • Nosepass, level 32
Reward: 1,024 P

Hightail it back to the intersection. To the left is a stone you can push to create a shortcut to the entrance, and to the right is the exit! You'll come out in lovely Mistralton City, home to the Flying-type aficionados of Unova. Congratulations, you got through stupid Chargestone Cave!

Part 28: Mistralton City

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