Part 42: Humilau City

Main Walkthrough

The last of your Pokémon League challenges, Humilau Gym is also one of the game's more challenging puzzles. The gym's layout consists of a series of floating, moving lily pads, and you need to jump on the lily pads in the correct order to sail your way to the end of the gym, where Marlon waits. Most of the time how you jump on the lily pads is pretty straightforward, though there are a few points where correctly riding the lily pads can be a brain-buster.

Humilau Gym, unsurprisingly, is populated entirely by Water-type Pokémon. You should challenge this gym with either a Grass-type or Electric-type Pokémon. If you used a Dragon-type to complete the seventh gym you may also want to use it here, as Dragon-type Pokémon resist Water-type moves.

Grab your final Fresh Water from Clyde near the entrance, then follow the boardwalk left and onto your first lily pad. Just north of here is a trainer guarding the next lily pad.

Ace Trainer Doyle

  • Floatzel, level 47
  • Mantine, level 47
Reward: 2,820 P

Hop on the lily pad near Doyle and ride it east. It'll knock another lily pad to the right. Step onto the boardwalk to the north. You can use this first lily pad to return to the entrance, if you wish. Head north to the next lily pad and ride it right to knock another pad out of place, leaving you in front of the second trainer.

Ace Trainer Melina
  • Alomomola, level 48
Reward: 2,880 P

Ride the lily pad south after beating Melina, then take a right and go north. Cross the white bridge to the left and head west. You'll see another trainer on a small island, and a lily pad just north of him. Board the lily pad from the north south and ride it south, then hop onto it again from the left and ride it to the right. You can step off and challenge the trainer, if you like.

Ace Trainer Santino
  • Walrein, level 48
Reward: 2,880 P

Cross the white bridge back to the east. The lily pad you knocked out of place is now filling a gap in the boardwalk. Go north and you'll find a patrolling trainer whom you can avoid if you time your approach properly.

Ace Trainer Jeanne
  • Pelipper, level 47
  • Wailord, level 47
Reward: 2,820 P

Hop onto the lily pad near Jeanne and ride it to the west side of the gym. There's another trainer on an isolated segment of boardwalk to your left, and you can ride back east on the next lily pad to reach him. 

Ace Trainer Enzio
  • Basculin, level 46
  • Basculin, level 46
  • Azumarill, level 46
Reward: 2,760 P

Enzio's a dead end, so hop back on the lily pad and ride it west. Hop back onto this same lily pad on the south side and ride it to the north to find the final normal trainer in this gym.

Ace Trainer Sable
  • Golduck, level 47
  • Starmie, level 47
Reward: 2,820 P

Ride the lily pad south of Sable and it will knock an earlier lily pad out of its way, leaving you in front of Enzio on his little island. Ride your lily pad back west, then north, then over to the east. It will hit another lily pad and leave you sitting right in front of Marlon. If you jump back onto this lily pad and ride it south you'll be back at the entrance of the gym, and can leave and heal. Otherwise...

Leader Marlon

  • Carracosta, level 49
  • Wailord, level 49
  • Jellicent, level 51
Reward: 6,120 P

Marlon is a tricksy trainer, as far as Water-type Pokémon go. All three of his Pokémon are fairly durable, and two of the three (Carracosta and Wailord) have Rock-type moves that can surprise your team. Wailord also has Bounce, which can do a number on Grass-types if you've chosen one as your primary attacker. All three Pokémon use Scald as their primary Water-type weapon, and if they manage to use it on your team they can inflict burn status alongside doing quite a bit of damage.

If you're using a Grass-type capable of outpacing Marlon's team - which isn't difficult, as they're all slow - this fight should be pretty easy. Carracosta has a four-times weakness to Grass-type moves (though it has Sturdy, so it'll never go down in a single hit), and the other two are normally vulnerable. Electric works nicely as well. Otherwise, go on the offensive and try to badly damage (or OHKO) each Pokémon before they get a chance to use Scald. Getting burned in this fight is a pain in the butt.

You'll receive the Wave Badge for defeating Marlon, completing your eight-badge set. You'll also receive TM55 Scald

Marlon will swim away after the fight. Hop onto the lily pad and ride it back to the entrance. Hugh will intercept you outside the gym, and Marlon will appear to ask about Team Plasma. Sounds like he's not interested in helping. Despite having all eight badges you need to deal with Team Plasma before you can take on the Pokémon League, so your next destination is Route 22, where the baddies are up to something shady.

Part 44: Route 22

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