Part 37: Lacunosa Town

Main Walkthrough

Route 12 Pokémon

  • Audino - Common, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Dunsparce - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Emolga - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Combee - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Heracross - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons - Black 2 only
  • Leavanny - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Pinsir - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons - White 2 only
  • Roselia - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Roserade - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Sewaddle - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Tranquill - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Unfezant - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Vespiquen - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
Route 12 is a straightforward little area with a lot to see. More or less a direct path from the east to the west, you can trek through Route 12 in any order you like - and you can easily skip just about everything, if you prefer. We'll jump to bullet points to explore this area.
  • North of the exit from Lacunosa Town you'll find a Timer Ball, sitting just outside the walls of the town. If you turn on the Dowsing Machine near the Timer Ball it will lead you into the dark green grass nearby, where you can find a hidden Ultra Ball.
  • There are two trainers running around in the middle of the field just west of the Timer Ball. You need to speak to them to trigger battles. In the middle of the Black Belt's patrol route you'll find a Green Shard, and the Battle Girl is running over a hidden Rare Candy.
  • Near the trainers is one particularly tall hill. Climb atop it with the Dropped Item from Nimbasa City in your inventory and you'll receive a call on your Xtransceiver.

Battle Girl Azra
  • Gurdurr, level 41
  • Mienfoo, level 41
Reward: 1,312 P

Black Belt Jeriel
  • Heracross, level 42
Reward: 1,344 P
  • If you follow the dark patch of grass in the north to the west you'll find a Yellow Shard and a PP Up. There's a hidden Max Repel a short distance further west of these two items.
  • There are two trainers waiting to fight you in the southwest corner of Route 12. Just north of them you'll find a break in the fencing that surrounds Route 12. Walk down the path from the break to find a Max Potion.

Backers Cleo and Rio
  • Roselia, level 40
  • Roselia, level 40
Reward: 1,920 P

In the west you'll find the exit to the next area, Village Bridge.

Village Bridge Pokémon
  • Audino - Common, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Azumarill - Rare, Rustling Grass / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Basculin - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Dunsparce - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Emolga - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Golduck - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Lapras - Rare, Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Marill - Common, Tall Grass / Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Seviper - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Zangoose - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons 
One part town and one part normal Route, Village Bridge is another area you can run right through if you like. The only opponent you have to encounter will intercept you halfway across the bridge, and even then he'll ask politely if you'll fight him. 

Gentleman Stonewall
  • Durant, level 43
  • Lucario, level 43
Reward: 2,016 P

Once you've defeated Stonewall you can exit Village Bridge to the west. We want to look around first, though, so let's do that.
  • South of the western entrance to Village Bridge you'll find a tennis court with two trainers running around. Check the top-left corner of the tennis court for a Carbos
  • Leave the tennis court to the left and head north to find a path under Village Bridge, where you'll find another trainer and a large patch of grass. There's a hidden Big Mushroom in the top-left of the grass and a Rare Candy in the top-right.
  • In the grass you'll find a man named Derleth who's busy playing music. He's one of several musicians who add a bit of flare to the background theme of Village Bridge.

Smasher Lizzy
  • Whimsicott, level 44
Reward: 4,400 P

Smasher Amy
  • Lilligant, level 44
Reward: 4,400 P

Artist Gough
  • Sunflora, level 42
Reward: 2,016 P

  • Head across the bridge. The first house from the eastern entrance contains a healer for your team.
  • On the other side of the bridge is another musician, Russo, who will add an extra something to the music.
  • Standing near Russo is a girl who keeps hearing a sort of sad noise coming from the underside of Village Bridge. If you check the base of the bridge from ground level, just south of this girl and near another musician, you'll find a hidden door leading to another girl who is practicing her singing. Bring this information back to the girl on the bridge and she'll give you five Sitrus Berries.
  • The middle house on the west side of Village Bridge contains a Baker you can fight.
Baker Chris
  • Heatmor, level 42
Reward: 1,680 P
  • Head north when you hit the west side of the bridge. You'll find a third musician, Aickman, to improve the sound. Check the trash can to Aickman's left for a PP Up
  • There are two trainers for you to battle in the basketball court to Aickman's right. Both challenge you to Triple Battles.
Hoopster Nicolas
  • Magby, level 42
  • Magmar, level 42
  • Magby, level 42
Reward: 4,200 P

Hoopster Derrick
  • Elekid, level 42
  • Electabuzz, level 42
  • Elekid, level 42
Reward: 4,200 P

  • South of the western end of Village Bridge you'll find a big, patchy patch of grass. There's a hidden Max Ether on the left side of the grass and an Ultra Ball on the right. A trainer patrols the grass.
Youngster Karl
  • Sandslash, level 42
Reward: 672 P
  • On the right side of the grass you'll find the fourth musician, Koontz. North of Koontz, past the underside of the bridge, you'll find a Blue Shard. You can Surf from here to reach a small, nearby island with a Big Pearl on it.
  • If you haven't done it already, hop into the water and Surf to the south side of Village Bridge. There's a small plot of land with a trainer on it. Beside him is a Heart Scale.
Fisherman Dean
  • Basculin, level 42
Reward: 1,344 P

That's all for Village Bridge. Go through the gate in the west and you'll find yourself on Route 11.