Part 3: Floccesy Town and Route 20

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Floccesy Ranch Pokémon

  • Azurill - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Lillipup - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Mareep - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Patrat - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Pidove - Rare, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Psyduck - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Riolu - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons

Floccesy Ranch is home to some jaunty Pokémon breeders and their favorite Pokémon. Before you go too far into the grounds you may want to spend some time in the tall grass near the entrance, as there are some fantastic Pokémon to grab here which can make excellent long-term partners. Psyduck is a great water-type Pokémon, Mareep is a decent (if slow) Electric-type, Lillipup becomes a Normal-type defensive wonder and Riolu eventually turns into a potent Fighting- and Steel-type. If you try for any of them, get Riolu.

Heal up your Pokémon and head through the gap in the fence to the west. As soon as you do, Hugh will stroll up, ready for a fight. He's gotten stronger. Hopefully you have, too.

Pokémon Trainer Hugh

  • Tepig, level 8 (if you chose Snivy)
  • Oshawatt, level 8 (if you chose Tepig)
  • Snivy, level 8 (if you chose Oshawatt)

Reward: 800 P

The troubling part of this fight is not that Hugh's Pokémon is stronger. It's that each of his potential starters now have an attack move to which your starter is weak. If you can, double up with a second Pokémon you may have caught to wear down Hugh's. If not, try to get your starter up to level 11 or 12 before making the challenge. This won't take very long using the patch of grass by the Ranch's entrance.

After the fight you'll hand over Hugh's Town Map, then be interrupted by the owner of Floccesy Ranch and his wife. She'll give you a Potion. The owner will ask if you've seen a Herdier, as one of theirs is missing. Hearing this, Hugh will freak out and take off to look for it. What's that about? You'll have to chase him down. Talk to the wife to heal your Pokémon, then head west in pursuit of Hugh.

Continue west past Hugh and further into the fields. Through the second fence you'll encounter a girl walking in a circle who will challenge you to a battle.

Lass Molly

  • Purrloin, level 6
  • Sewaddle, level 6

Reward: 96 P

Check between the fences to the east of Molly, north the two circling Mareeps, to find a Poké Ball. Then backtrack to Hugh and check to the north of the field he's in. Go north and he'll follow. The path splits in two. Take the right to go through grass, or take the next right to face off against a trainer.

Janitor Orville

  • Lillipup, level 6
  • Mareep, level 6

Reward: 240 P

Head east from here and Hugh will run up to give you a Parlyz Heal, which is handy if you get paralyzed by any Mareeps you encounter. (Avoid using physical attacks to minimize the effects of Static, if you can. Constantly having to heal paralysis gets really annoying.) Beyond here the path splits again. Go south down the second path to find a trainer.

Youngster Kenny

  • Patrat, level 6
  • Psyduck, level 6

Reward: 96 P

South of Kenny you'll find an X Attack. Grab it, go back north, and follow the path east. When you reach a clearing something will make a noise, and Hugh will rush in. Check the clearing for a Potion, then go south and check out the suspicious guy with the Herdier in the little clearing as Hugh rushes off. This fellow is a member of Team Plasma, and he apparently has ill intentions for the Herdier. He's not about to fight you, though, so to drive you off he'll throw TM21 Frustration at you. Highly effective. He'll run off, and Hugh will bring the Herdier's owner along. The day is saved.

After everyone's left, take the first left through the trees and jump off the ledge. You'll be back on a path to the Ranch. The owners will thank you again when you arrive, but there's little else they can offer. Train around here for as long as you like, then begin the trek back to Floccesy Town.

Return Trip

  • Just north of where you 'fought' the Team Plasma Grunt is a river that runs south. You can Surf over it to find a Hidden Grotto in the trees to the north.

Part 5: Aspertia Gym

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