It should be no surprise at this point that your next destination is BASIL'S house, in the far south of VAST FOREST. You'll see phantoms along the way, egging you closer to his old shoe, and nothing will bar your path. 

If you are playing through the SUNNY ROUTE then this is your LAST CHANCE to do anything of note in HEADSPACE. The world is open to you, allowing you to backtrack, visit places you may have skipped, gather items, find more HANGMAN keys (though you already have all the ones you need), and complete side quests. Once you head to BASIL'S house your time with these versions of OMORI, AUBREY, KEL, and HERO will be done, so if you had leveling on the docket... you probably don't need to bother.

Finished? Then head towards BASIL'S home. You'll receive messages from an unknown source along the way, and even though you can still water the flowers in BASIL'S gardens, they will all remain dead. BASIL'S house is a wreck, and you can enter it to find...


Grim. Twisted. Weird. To avoid spoilers, we'll talk in bullet points to help you through this area:

  • Grab the key in the middle of BLACK SPACE. You need keys to open the many doors in BLACK SPACE. You can also save, right in the middle.
  • You'll see grey dots wandering around the main hub. They are STRANGERS, and you can speak to them. Easily missed.
  • If you see footprints, follow them. They will almost always lead you to a key. You can then walk off the beaten path and get caught by a hand to return to the main area. 
  • One area is an east / west forest path. Follow it east until you see an NPC, speak to them, then head back west to find the key. Keep going west to find hands.
  • The butler has the key. You do NOT need to... er... well, you'll understand when you get there. Have OMORI STAB himself to leave.
  • One area is full of melons. Walk right to grab a FLOWER CROWN, then keep going east to find an NPC. The light will eventually fade. Just keep popping melons until you find the key, then go looking for a hang.
  • One area is full of water. Speak to the STRANGER to your right, then dive into the water where they were standing and go north to find the key.
  • One room has an NPC stuck in a spider's web. Free them, then just walk around. They will eventually part ways with you. At that point the footprints to the key will appear. OMORI will need to STAB himself to leave this area.
  • Another area, filled with roaming NPCs, has a key down and to the right of where you start. This spot is chaotic, but it's also small, and loops around on itself pretty quickly.
  • One area has you climbing ladders. Speak to the NPC at the top of the ladders and they'll join you. Go back down to find an elevator. Climb in to find the key, then operate the elevator and wait a while for something to happen. 
  • One area is just a red, misty abyss. Go south from where you start to find the key.
  • One area is a northbound corridor that becomes a glitchy mess as you walk further north. Eventually it becomes so messed up that the only path forward is across a 'bridge' of the hands that you normally try to avoid. 

Eventually, after you've been through enough doors, another, red-lit door will appear near the save point. You can continue to go through the normal doors and see more weirdness, if you like, but your destination is through the red door. What lies beyond... well, it's straightforward enough that you can see for yourself.

After some intense weirdness you'll wake up as SUNNY. Go down to the piano room. HERO will interrupt after a moment. Head back to bed to end the sequence.