Leave SUNNY's house after visiting the treehouse and FARAWAY TOWN will enter the evening phase of ONE DAY LEFT. This is your last chance to explore the town and tie up loose ends, so make the most of it:

  • PIGTAILS LADY and CHECKERS GUY are having their housewarming party on AUBREY'S street, if you've seen their quest all the way through to this final day. Go have a look and say hello to everyone's who's decided to drop by. You'll receive an achievement for seeing the party through.
  • You'll find MINCY in FARAWAY PARK if you encouraged her consistently throughout the game. She'll give you a special sketch she drew, and you'll receive an achievement. Good on you, MINCY.
  • If you brought MEAT to KEL'S DAD earlier in the day he'll be in the same spot in FARAWAY PARK, flipping burgers. He'll give you four HAMBURGERS. You'll find a COIN sitting near HECTOR, as well.
  • If you went through with the RECYCULTIST side quest earlier in the day, you'll find the RECYCLEPATH near the basketball court in FARAWAY PARK. He seems to have changed his tune a bit.
  • If you head to the hangout spot in the northeast of FARAWAY PARK you'll see a scene that explains why SUNNY... and someone else... was so afraid of swimming. Once it's done you'll see something quite sad near the picnic blanket. Have a picnic here for another scene.

Aside from what's listed above, you'll find various NPCs have shifted around and are enjoying their evenings together, often as a result of your actions. There are also a few more phantoms that will fade away if you speak to them.

Head to BASIL'S house once everything's all wrapped up. BASIL has returned home, but he's locked in his room and won't speak to POLLY, and she doesn't know what's the matter. Enter the house, use the picnic basket near the kitchen to save, and try to enter BASIL'S room. He won't answer. Everyone will decide to stay the night and make sure he's okay.

Head back to the living room and interact with the couch to have everyone hang out. Eventually night will fall, and the group will chat by the light of the TV. It's not long before everyone falls asleep...


... and SUNNY wakes up in WHITE SPACE. Yes, not OMORI, SUNNY. Walk north and you'll OMORI waiting in his usual spot, quite uncommunicative. Aside from looking at OMORI'S scant belongings, the only thing you can do now is destroy the lightbulb hanging over WHITE SPACE.

The next section is the core of OMORI'S story, so we'll proceed with an absolute minimum of spoilers.


This battle is mostly scripted. Use CALM DOWN until SUNNY relearns FOCUS. Use FOCUS, then switch back to CALM DOWN to restore any damage SUNNY takes. Repeat this process as SUNNY swaps between SKILLS. Keep using SKILLS to get through the battle... such as it is.

Head north after the battle is over. This next section consists of finding photographs to put in the PHOTO ALBUM. The vast majority of them are easy to find, though there's one in the large hospital area that's sitting on a bed, and is difficult to spot. Check the right-most beds on the left side of the room. You then need to check the southern door, find it's locked, and check the person who's not moving in the bed to the north to unlock the path out.

After a... lengthy... and intense... sequence, you'll regain control of SUNNY. Everyone else is asleep. Check each of them for SUNNY'S thoughts on his friends... then make your choice. This next section of the walkthrough contains extreme spoilers, despite being relatively spoiler-free, so proceed with caution.