While fighting enemies in OMORI you will, inevitably, take damage. Each time one of your party members takes damage you will gain one point of ENERGY, displayed at the bottom of the battle screen. Once you have at least three points of ENERGY - and your party starts each battle with three ENERGY - you can use a FOLLOW-UP. 

FOLLOW-UPS are special team attacks, shared between two party members, that take place after a character uses a normal attack. Three word bubbles will appear around the character, each connected to one of their teammates, and you have until the end of their attack to use one of the indicated directional keys to trigger a FOLLOW-UP. The FOLLOW-UP will go off immediately after the attack.

FOLLOW-UPS do not have in-game descriptions, and you'll largely learn what they do through experimentation. This guide will help you decide which FOLLOW-UPS are most useful in combat. Note that FOLLOW-UPS grow more powerful as you progress through the game, so a FOLLOW-UP used during the PROLOGUE will not be the same if you use it on ONE DAY LEFT.


OMORI is a bit unique in regards to his FOLLOW-UPS. Two of them are attacks he performs on his own, while the third requires a whopping ten ENERGY and involves the entire party.

ATTACK AGAIN - OMORI strikes a random enemy with a normal attack. At second level this strike is more powerful, and at third level OMORI attacks twice. A great move for quickly ending a random battle against a single foe.

TRIP - OMORI trips a random foe, lowering its SPEED. At second level TRIP also makes the foe SAD, and at third level TRIP greatly decreases the SPEED stat. Handy for manipulating some bosses.

RELEASE ENERGY - Costs ten ENERGY rather than three. OMORI, KEL, AUBREY, and HERO use the power of friendship to inflict a lot of damage to every enemy. Deals 300 HEART damage at first level, 600 HEART damage at second level, and 1,000 HEART damage at third level. When used during BOSS RUSH, while BASIL is in the party, RELEASE ENERGY also provides a substantial stat boost to the whole party, as well as HEART and JUICE regeneration.


Given KEL'S innate speediness, you'll usually get to use his FOLLOW-UPS first in a fight.

PASS TO OMORI - KEL passes his ball to OMORI. At first level OMORI misses the ball, takes one point of HEART damage, and becomes SAD. At second level OMORI deflects the ball at a single, random enemy and becomes HAPPY, and at third level the deflection does more damage, making OMORI ECSTATIC. At first level PASS TO OMORI is handy, though making OMORI HAPPY and ECSTATIC at the later levels has variable usefulness.

PASS TO AUBREY - KEL passes his ball to AUBREY, who smacks it at a random enemy. With each level the attack deals progressively more damage to its target. A good all-purpose strike.

PASS TO HERO - KEL passes his ball to HERO, who dunks it on every enemy on the screen, dealing HEART damage. At second level this attack does more damage, and at third level it also lowers every enemy's ATTACK stat. All three levels are handy, though the third is great for late-game bosses that are not susceptible to EMOTIONS.


AUBREY'S FOLLOW-UPS are typically the third to arrive in a turn. They're all pretty useful, depending on the circumstances.

LOOK AT OMORI - AUBREY looks at OMORI and hopes he notices her. Regardless of his reaction AUBREY attacks a random enemy. The amount of damage she does gets stronger with each level. A great, powerful attack, though given AUBREY'S lower-than-average speed it may not see much use in normal battles.

LOOK AT KEL - AUBREY looks at KEL, who eggs her on and makes her ANGRY. At second level both AUBREY and KEL become ANGRY and receive an ATTACK boost, while at third level both AUBREY and KEL become ENRAGED. A fantastic move if you need to make your attackers ANGRY in a pinch, though less useful late in the game when you have access to KEL'S MEGAPHONE SKILL and AIR HORNS.

LOOK AT HERO - AUBREY looks at HERO, who encourages her to focus, making AUBREY HAPPY and raising her DEFENCE. At second level some of AUBREY'S HEART is restored, and at third level AUBREY becomes ECSTATIC. A handy move if you plan on using AUBREY'S COUNTER SKILL on a regular basis.


HERO'S FOLLOW-UPS will almost always come last. His FOLLOW-UP for all three of his friends are the same. They're a good way to top up a character who is a little injured, but not too badly.

CALL OMORI, AUBREY, or KEL - HERO calls out encouragement to one of his friends. The target regains some HEART, and immediately attacks a random enemy once. At second level the target regains HEART and JUICE, and at third level the amount of HEART and JUICE gained is increased. 


If you're playing the console version of OMORI it is possible to use BASIL in combat during the BOSS RUSH segment of the OMORI ROUTE. A brief discussion of his FOLLOW-UPS is located in that article.