The Banner Saga 2 created by Stoic.
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Chapter Eight

Main Walkthrough

- As this chapter begins you'll take the mantle of Bolverk, leader of the Ravens, as he parts ways with the caravan. Juno will give you a new job shortly thereafter, and the Ravens will set off on their own. You now have at least three party members, and potentially several more:
  • Bolverk himself is a Berserk, and will hit twice per turn. You can't control the second hit, and it can hit your own units. Be careful how you position the lug.
  • Folka is a Shieldmaiden, and is quite good at defence and offence.
  • Sparr is a Wanderer, and can control initiative in battle.
  • You may also have Krumr, Ekkill, Sigbjorn, Mogun, and Bersi in your party, depending on who (if anybody) got through the events of The Banner Saga. (Not certain right now if this party is set or not.)
After setting up a party in camp, where you can also face more Training challenges, you can set off.


Again, you'll get some randomized events in Chapter Nine. There's no telling what order you'll get 'em, though.

- DECISION. A member of the Ravens will complain about a lack of Supplies. You can:
  • Tell him to start hunting. You'll gain 3 Supplies.
  • Argue that Bolverk is a better tracker anyway. Gain 4 Renown, 10 Supplies, and a Morale boost.
  • Tell the man to stop complaining. Nothing happens.

DECISION. Your scouts find a camp. You can:
  • Take their supplies, and kill if they resist. Gain 5 Renown and 10 Supplies.
  • Kill everyone first and take everything. Gain 12 Supplies.
  • Ignore the campers.

- DECISION. (This only pops up after you find an obligatory character along your path.) Oli finds some mushrooms that may be a little questionable. You can:
  • Question whether they're good or not. Still need to choose.
  • Keep the mushrooms. Gain 8 Supplies.
  • Throw the mushrooms away. Morale declines.

- IMPORTANT DECISION. A little ways down the trail, assuming he's in your party, Mogun will ask about the cart Juno sent you to sink. You have some options:
  • Say Mogun has to get past you first and you'll get into a battle. Mogun's band isn't too bad, and you can make him a bit easier by forcing his men to walk across the fire pit in the middle of the battleground. They'll take damage. After the fight you can either kill Mogun outright or let him live, though he'll be injured for two days.
  • Say the cart remains closed. If you threaten to kill him he'll give up on the cart; otherwise, you're in for a fight.
  • If you threaten to kill him for targeting the cart he'll hold his ground, and if you decide he might be a threat down the road Bolverk will kill him on the spot. 
  • Agree to open the cart. You'll fail, and the issue is dropped.
- IMPORTANT DECISION. You'll come across a tattooed man fighting dredge along the path. Decision:
  • Help him fight. You'll get into a battle with a squad of dredge, and Oli will join your team as a required fighter. He's a decent hand with an axe, and has a neat ability for fighting low-Armour opponents. He'll join your caravan after the battle.
  • Watch him work. Oli still joins, but you won't get his help during the battle, and he'll be injured initially.
Either way, Oli's a solid character, and I highly recommend using him. He can fight at a distance and close range.

DECISION. You come across a village. You can:
  • Keep moving. Morale drops.
  • Approach the village. They're not willing. Morale improves, and you can either attack or leave. Attacking will yield up some Supplies.
  • Attack the village. You'll get into a battle with people, most of them Archers, absolutely surrounded by barricades. You should be able to position your characters so as to easily bypass the barricades, however. Beating them down will allow you to try and convert them into Fighters (gain 14 Fighters), Clansmen (which doesn't work), or corpses; you'll get 10 Supplies regardless of what you choose to do.

- Next up is a godstone. Sparr will start weaving old tales, improving Morale. You can:
  • Inspect the godstone. You'll find a Pipe Plant.
  • Inspect damage Bolverk caused on the site years before. Again, Pipe Plant.
  • Tell Sparr to shut up. Say goodbye to that Morale.
- DECISION. A forced camp follows shortly thereafter. Once you debark and walk a little ways you'll hear laughter. Choose to investigate and you'll run into a band of fighters who have taken some villagers captive. You can:
  • Order them to hand over the wagon. You can then either attack or threaten; both will send the fighters fleeing. This earns you the gratitude of an archer named Sefa. You can let her and the villagers keep the food or take 1 Supplies for yourself.
  • Attack. Same deal, for the most part.
  • Avoid the whole shebang. Nothing happens.

- IMPORTANT DECISION. After crossing into snowy territory you'll run into a guy named Bak who will beg you to take control of the people he's leading. You have a choice:
  • Agree. You'll get a bundle of Supplies, Clansmen, and Fighters. Bak will also join your party.
  • Refuse. Bak and his people will attack. Killing them will earn you 10 Renown.
- Shortly after meeting Bak your caravan will set up camp, and during the night you'll be awoken from a funky dream to find Sefa trying to raid your camp, assuming you saved her earlier. You'll have to fight them off. The battle is made difficult by the fact that you only have Bolverk, Folka, and (potentially) Bak on your team, and besides them some namby-pamby generic units. Strike forward quickly to take out the archers harassing you before they do too much damage. Defeating them will earn you 15 Supplies and 10 Renown.


- DECISION. Upon arrival only Bolverk will be allowed inside, though Folka can push the matter if you'd like. Remain cordial (ie don't try to attack the walls) to improve Morale. Eventually you'll be allowed to settle down here, and Bolverk can either stay in the city or remain with his Ravens, the latter of which leads to a battle. Either way, the chapter ends.