Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Final Fantasy IX owned by Square Enix.
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The beginning of the end for the 'classic' line of Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy IX is a love letter to every game that came before it. It follows the exploits of Zidane, a roguish young man on a mission to both kidnap - and rescue - a princess. What follows is an epic tale simultaneously silly and tragic. Released in 2000, Final Fantasy IX is both a story in and of itself and a wealth of references to previous games in the series, resulting in a grand, unique experience that has yet to be matched in some respects.

Main Walkthrough

Part One: Alexandria
Part Two: Evil Forest
Part Three: Ice Cavern
Part Four: Dali
Part Five: Lindblum
Part Six: Qu's Marsh and Chocobo's Forest
Part Seven: Gizamaluke's Grotto
Part Eight: Burmecia
Part Nine: Treno
Part Ten: Cleyra's Trunk
Part Eleven: Cleyra
Part Twelve: Alexandria Castle
Part Thirteen: Pinnacle Rocks
Part Fourteen: Fossil Roo
Part Fifteen: Conde Petie and Black Mage Village
Part Sixteen: Conde Petie Mountain Path
Part Seventeen: Madain Sari and the Iifa Tree
Part Eighteen: Alexandria and Treno
Part Nineteen: Lindblum and the Blue Narciss
Part Twenty: Oeilvert
Part Twenty-One: Desert Palace
Part Twenty-Two: Esto Gaza and Mount Gulug
Part Twenty-Three: Daguerreo
Part Twenty-Four: Ipsen's Castle
Part Twenty-Five: Terra and Bran Bal
Part Twenty-Six: Pandemonium
Part Twenty-Seven: Last-Minute Exploration
Part Twenty-Eight: Memoria
Part Twenty-Nine: Crystal World

Side Quests

Chocobo Hot & Cold
Chocographs and Dead Peppers (coming soon)
Stellazzio Locations

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