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During your travels you'll wind up in the night city of Treno, and while you're there you may want to visit Queen Stella, an enigmatic duck with an even more enigmatic request. Queen Stella lives in the northwest of Treno, near the Card Stadium, and she's interested in only one thing: collecting Stellazzio. Stellazzio are seemingly magical emblems with Zodiac signs upon them, and Queen Stella wants them all.

She's too lazy to get them herself, of course, which is where you come in. You can find Stellazzio hidden throughout Final Fantasy IX, and each time you return one to Queen Stella she'll give you a reward. The rewards get better based on how many Stellazzio you've given her.

Stellazzio Locations
  • Aries: Dali windmill. Check behind the mill on the lower level.
  • Taurus: Treno item shop, in the east of Treno. Check on the rear-right side of the shop.
  • Gemini: Treno. Throw ten gil in the fountain at the entrance of Treno thirteen times.
  • Cancer: Burmecia. Check behind the cart on the right side of the road, just north of the entrance of Burmecia.
  • Leo: Alexandria Castle dock, west of the Castle's entrance. Check the wall on the right side of the statue in the middle of the room.
  • Virgo: Black Mage Village Inn. Check beside the ladder on the far right of the sleeping room.
  • Libra: Madain Sari fountain. Check behind the fountain.
  • Scorpio: Quan's Dwelling, east of Treno. Check just south of the hot spring on the lower level, in a small niche.
  • Sagittarius: Lindblum, during the reconstruction of the town. Check the very edge of the major intersection in the Business District, west of the pickle stand.
  • Capricorn: Daguerreo. Look in the water to the east of the central platform, near the entrance.
  • Aquarius: Ipsen's Castle. Look behind the cluster of pillars to the right of the entrance.
  • Pisces: The Invincible. In the chest near Freya and Amarant.


Return to Queen Stella after collecting all twelve of the Stellazzio above and turning them in. She'll sense that one is still missing, and give you the twelve Stellazzio in the hopes of puzzling out the location of the final one. In truth, Ophiuchus is in the exact same place as Scorpio, on the lower level of Quan's Dwelling. Take it back to Queen Stella for your final reward.


Each time you turn in a Stellazzio you'll get a reward. The rewards are not tied to any particular Stellazzio, aside from the last.
  • One Stellazzio: 1,000 gil
  • Two Stellazzios: Phoenix Pinion
  • Three Stellazzios: 2,000 gil
  • Four Stellazzios: Blood Sword
  • Five Stellazzios: 5,000 gil
  • Six Stellazzios: Elixir
  • Seven Stellazzios: 10,000 gil
  • Eight Stellazzios: Black Belt
  • Nine Stellazzios: 20,000 gil
  • Ten Stellazzios: Rosetta Ring
  • Eleven Stellazzios: 30,000 gil
  • Twelve Stellazzios: Robe of Lords
  • Thirteen Stellazzios: Hammer
Main Walkthrough