Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Three: Daguerreo

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Part Twenty-Two: Esto Gaza and Mount Gulug

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Your next major destination in Final Fantasy IX is Ipsen's Castle. Before heading there, though, you might as well take advantage of your newly-built Hilda Garde III. This begs a visit to Daguerreo, a small, hidden haven for scholars where you can find lots of cool items. Daguerreo is located on the largest island in the string of islands located in the northwest corner of the world map.

Daguerreo is entirely optional, but is also worth visiting for a number of reasons. You can find the following waiting for you in Daguerreo:
  • Dip down into the water on the east side of Daguerreo's main platform. In a small dead end, submerged in the water, you'll find the Capricorn Stellazzio.
  • At the top of a lift in the east you'll find a Synthesist Shop, one of the best in the game. Near the Shop is Noggy, a Moogle.
  • The four-armed man from multiple places in the game, notably Treno, is standing near the Synthesis Shop. He's a Treasure Hunter, and if you gain an S rank in treasure hunting he'll reveal his name. This will mean more to Final Fantasy franchise fans. This dude also has a number of rare cards, if you care to challenge him to Tetra Master, though once you discover his name he'll leave, robbing you of the chance to earn more cards.
  • To the west from the central platform you'll find a room with automated platforms to the second floor, though they're currently out of wonk. Operate the levers beside the platforms, pulling the left lever until the left platform lowers to reveal a hole. Inspect the hole, then grab the bar to the right of the levers and jam it in the hole. Last, pull on the right lever until the right-most platform is level with the floor, then step on. This will raise you up one floor and unlock the Weapons and Armor Shop.
  • There's an Inn on the west side of Daguerreo's upper balcony. There's also an Item Shop up here, and the owner is arguing with a young man about a variety of topics. Agree with the young man several times and he'll give you a Flare Card. Agree with the woman instead to receive a Meteor Card.
  • On the upper balcony, next to the Item Shop, is a switch. Press it to open the door at the far end of the central platform on the ground floor. Beyond is a shrine to Leviathan, the 'dragon god', and placing four Ore on the platform will reward you with a single Aquamarine.
In addition to reaching Daguerreo you can now also perform a few feats that previously required a red Choco. Check out this article for more details.

Part Twenty-Four: Ipsen's Castle

Main Walkthrough

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