Part Twenty-Four: Ipsen's Castle

Main Walkthrough


- Hover over the Shimmering Island in the northwest of the world map in your airship, and, once you're ready, enter from above. Remember: Many less-important areas (mainly old dungeons) are going to get locked off once you're done in this place, and there's no going back to the world map until you're done, so be certain you've thoroughly explored the world.

- Note the enemies here. They're all new to this area, and along with being pretty strong they also enjoy using status attacks on your party. The tri-orbed Movers and the Ring Leaders in particular like inflicting virus status, robbing characters of experience, and you'll want to use Vaccines to get rid of the status. You can Steal Vaccines from Ring Leaders to get the job done.

- After a cool cut scene you'll wind up on unfamiliar terrain. Choose your team, then head east. You'll see a girl on the next screen who runs off. Ignore her for a moment and go down the steps on the left. They lead to a Coronet on your right and, to the north one screen, a Dragon Wrist.

- Return to the main path and head north. There's an Elixir on your left, just before you find the girl again. Keep following her until you arrive at a vertical screen with glowing webbing to descend. There's a split at the bottom of the first strand; go down the second strand on your right to find a Remedy, then head back up and go left. Hop over to the third strand, look around the nearby corner for a chest containing a Mythril Racket, and descend.

- Grab the Demon's Vest at the bottom and follow the girl across the bridge. The music will stop on the next screen; once it does, and you've climbed the first set of stairs, look on your left for a hidden passage down to a chest containing a Minerva's Plate. Then climb back up and continue along the steps.

Bran Bal

- Steiner and Dagger temporarily leave the party, and you get to look around. Bran Bal is another town, albeit an extraordinarily strange one. Time to look around.

- The first building of Bran Bal, in the east, contains a chest with a Wing Edge inside. There's also a jar with a Moogle, Moorock, wriggling about inside. Moorock sells items, and will give you a letter for Mozme. Stiltzkin also shows up here, and he'll sell you a Diamond, an Ether, and an Elixir for 2,222 gil.

- There's a cut scene in the west, and the odd, familiar dude you meet points you to an Inn on the left. Pop inside for more cut scenes that will separate the team from Zidane. Check the chest in the rear, by Steiner, for an Elixir. Speak to Freya if you want to rest. Back outside, check the southern shore of the pond in the middle of Bran Bal to find a path to a chest containing a Flash Hat. You can find hidden Angel Earrings along the northern shore of the same side of the pond, as well.

- There's a single, connected building in the north of both sides of Bran Bal. Look in the back-right corner of the room for stairs. Speak to the girl in red down here and follow her back upstairs for details on the reality of Zidane's life.

- Jump to Eiko. You'll get an ATE, Place to Call Home, and another, Where the Heart is, upon leaving the Inn. Keep exploring for Came into this World. Follow Zidane's path - through the rear building, past the Moogle shop, over to the bridge - to recruit Quina, Vivi, and Amarant into the party. One last ATE, The Truth, triggers after enough wandering.

- Enter the green light in the south of Bran Bal. Speak to the girl beyond to trigger a series of cut scenes with Garland and Zidane. The full story is revealed. Oooo.

Part Twenty-Six: Pandemonium

Main Walkthrough