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Part Two: Evil Forest

Main Walkthrough

- Upon exiting the Evil Forest you'll hit a lengthy series of cut scenes, and partway through you'll get a Teach Me, Mogster! ATE that serves as an extensive series of tutorials. If there's anything about the game that you don't understand, this is the place to look. At the end you'll receive a Moogle's Flute, allowing you to summon Moogles for saving on the world map.

- You're now free to wander the world map, though there's not much to see in this small area. If you wander west you can find a small location called North Gate. You can't get through the gate, but you can purchase Potions from the woman on the other side. Check the small yard beside the gate for Eye Drops and a Potion. Your primary destination is a small cave, also to the west, though not nearly as far as the Gate.

Ice Cavern

- As you might expect, Fire magic works well in here. Vivi is your star character. Mind that you're always going to get into battles if you wander into the gusts of wind and snow that occasionally blow through here.

- Wander north up the first ramp. You can hop down the ledge on your left to get a Tent before heading further north, into a second chamber.

- There's a wall on your right in this second chamber that Vivi can blow open with his magic. Inside is an Ether. On the left side of the room is a chest you can't seem to reach; you need to travel under the bridge in the north via a semi-hidden path to get to it. The chest contains a Potion.

- This next, large room has another wall to fry in the north, though you need to risk a winding path and blowing winds to get at it. Behind the ice is an Elixir. On the right side of this room you'll find a ramp to a Potion; once you've crossed the ramp a second time, turn back and burn it down with Vivi to reach a Mage Masher on a lower platform.

- You'll find a Phoenix Down on your right as you head north in the next area. Past some more winding paths and blowing winds you can find an ice wall on the left; it leads to a Leather Wrist back in the southwest.

- To the north the path splits. Take a left to find a frozen Moogle. Thaw him to trigger another Mogster tutorial, as well as free up a save point. The Moogle, Mois, will ask you to send a letter to Gumo for him. Once you've saved and healed, take the right in the previous passage. A boss battle waits, and Zidane will have to fight it alone.

Black Waltz No. 1 and Sealion

This battle looks a lot worse than it is. Black Waltz casts magic; Sealion casts magic and occasionally whacks you with Wing. Their attacks typically do in the 20 to 40 HP range, aside from the rare Tsunami from Sealion which is between 70 to 90 HP most of the time.

Black Waltz heals Sealion with Blizzard if you attack the big beast, so ignore it at first and strike down Black Waltz with a few strong attacks. Then turn your might on Sealion until it's toast. Since Zidane is on his own you're pretty much guaranteed to get Trance at least once.

Zidane can Steal a Mythril Dagger from Sealion and a Silk Shirt from Black Waltz.

- Once the battle's done and you weather a cut scene you can make your way through the remains of Ice Cavern, which won't take long. At the top you'll get a chance to rename Garnet - heretofore known as Dagger - and exit the dungeon.

Part Four: Dali

Main Walkthrough