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Part Fourteen: Fossil Roo

Main Walkthrough

- New continent! The first thing to note out here are the Griffins. Though not terribly awful or note-worthy enemies under other circumstances, Griffins drop Peridots, which you may or may have not skipped getting earlier in the game at Pinnacle Rocks. Peridots allow you to teach the Ramuh Summon to Dagger.

- The other enemies here worth mentioning are Cactuars. These little cactus creatures start the battle hiding beneath the ground, emerging occasionally when struck. Cactuars are harsh opponents, capable of the 1,000 Needles move which always inflicts 1,000 points of damage. Be careful facing these things, and make sure you always have at least two or three live characters. (On the plus side, they're worth a nice amount of experience.)

- The path will take you beneath what appears to be a structure stretched above the path on logs. This is your next destination. Look to the east of the structure for a Qu's Marsh, if you want to upgrade Quina a bit, then pop inside this little settlement.

Conde Petie

- Rally-ho!

- After a bit of silliness you'll get two ATEs, Vivi and the Couple and Quina Accused. Watching Quina Accused will get you Quina Can't Communicate, and wandering around enough will get you another ATE, Dagger and William In the meantime, you can explore the town:
  • Check behind the statue of the bird in the entry hall. You'll find a hidden 2,700 gil.
  • To the west of the entrance, among plenty of chatty locals, is the Inn. Speak to one of the women in the north of the large room with six dwarves.
  • There's a Shop in the east of town, at first viewed during one of Quina's ATEs. Half-hidden near the Shop is the Moogle Mogmatt, who asks you to send a letter to another Moogle, Suzuna. Check the stairs near Mogmatt, along the bottom edge of the screen, for a hidden Phoenix Pinion.
  • In the rear of Conde Petie, just past the previous Shop, you'll find a Weapons and Armor Shop. You may notice arms available here that none of your characters can equip. Fancy that!
- Once you're done looking around, hunt about for Vivi. He's in a room with a large boat-like thing in the middle of Conde Petie, talking to two dwarves. This will trigger another ATE, Hungry Bryan. Head to the Shop that sells items for a cut scene - a surprising cut scene - that will point you out of Conde Petie.

Dead Forest

- Leave Conde Petie and head east, to the edge of the water. Take a right, until you hit the mountains, then follow them north until you find a lump of conspicuous forest in the midst of the woods.

- Dead Forest is odd. There's only one screen to it, and it loops in on itself constantly. The only way to get through is to follow the hint about owls and go down the paths that are not watched by owls. Follow the retreating figure down the right path to start, then right again, then left, then right, then one final right.

Black Mage Village

- Surprise! Everyone scatters upon arrival, and you get three ATEs: Life On The Run, Gourmand's Nose, and Everyday Life. You can further trigger the ATEs Different Language, Life Cycle, and Visitor, Not Invader. Time to explore:
  • The house just west of the entrance is a Weapons and Armor Shop. You can find an Elixir in a bucket just outside the house.
  • A Moogle, Mogyro, is standing by a small, Chocobo-themed home in the northeast of the Village. He'll ask you to take a letter to Mocchi. Check the right wall inside this tiny home for Gysahl Greens.
  • In the north of the Village you can find a normal Shop. Check the left side of the Shop for a hidden Ether, by the door, and check through the rear door in the Shop to find a path to an Inn. You can find the Virgo Stellazzio in the far right of the Inn by inspecting a chest.
  • Just down the walk to the left of the Shop is a Synthesis Shop. There's a chest behind the tall chair in here containing 2,000 gil, and if you climb the ladder on the right you can find a chest containing 843 gil in a chest up on the roof.
- If you try to head all the way west Vivi will rush by. You'll find him at the Inn, triggering a cut scene. Choose to rest to pass the night at the Inn and trigger several scenes. Once it's done you'll be pointed back to Conde Petie.

Conde Petie

The dude in the rear of Conde Petie, blocking the door out of the room with the suspended boat, won't let you through. After speaking with him, check the hallway in the west of Conde Petie for the priest. The rest of the sordid affair runs on autopilot, and once it's done you'll gain access to the Conde Petie Mountain Path, the area immediately behind Conde Petie.

Main Walkthrough