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The hub of social life in Pelican Town, the Stardrop Saloon is everyone's late-night destination after a long day of work. Owned and operated by Gus, and staffed part-time by Emily, the Stardrop Saloon is one of the most predictable places you can expect to find the NPCs of the town... though you need to preserve your Energy long enough to see them straggle in from their respective jobs.

Located in central Pelican Town, the Stardrop Saloon is open from 12 pm to 12 am each day.


The Stardrop Saloon serves a variety of food items and a few recipes. You can purchase these items by approaching the cash register on the bar, whether Gus is directly behind it or not (though he does have to be behind the bar for it to work). The selection on any given night may include the following:
  • Beer - 400 gold
  • Salad - 200 gold
  • Bread - 120 gold
  • Spaghetti - 240 gold
  • Pizza - 600 gold
  • Coffee - 300 gold
  • Hashbrowns recipe
  • Pizza recipe

The Stardrop Saloon is pretty popular, and typically draws in at least a few customers every night. You can expect to see the following NPCs in the Saloon at some point in the year:
Arcade Machines

If you check the east side of the Saloon you'll find a small gaming room where Abigail, Sam, and Sebastian occasionally hang out. There are two arcade machines here (as well as a Joja Cola vending machine, if you want a can) which you can play.
  • The first, which you can play from the start, is Journey of the Prairie King. This simple, fast-paced shooter has you battling through three worlds to stop an amazing number of evil monsters from doing, I dunno, bad stuff. You can get two Achievements for completing Journey of the Prairie King.
  • The second, which is only unlocked once you have the Skull Key, is Junimo Kart. In this roller coaster riding game you need to hop across a series of terribly-constructed mine cart tracks. Completing Progress Mode will reward your character with a Junimo Kart Arcade Machine for your home.

In addition to the above, as well as several NPC events, the Stardrop Saloon contains a jukebox. Mess with it to change the background music.

Main Walkthrough