Stardew Valley Walkthrough / Guide - Pelican Town: Marnie's Ranch

Stardew Valley created by ConcernedApe.
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A farm isn't a proper farm without farm animals, and Marnie's Ranch is ready to serve your needs. Owned and operated by Marnie herself, the Ranch serves as both home and storefront. You're almost certainly going to spend more time there on business than you will for recreational purposes.

Marnie's Ranch is located one screen south of your farm, and is easily accessible once you've cleared away some of the brush on your property. (You can also reach it from Pelican Town, though this takes a bit longer.) Marnie's Ranch is open every day of the week, from 9 am until 6 pm, though Marnie takes Mondays and Tuesdays off.

Aside from cavorting with NPCs, the Ranch serves two purposes.


The main reason you'll probably visit Marnie's Ranch is to buy new animals. Once you have either a Coop or a Barn on your property you can visit Marnie and purchase one of many young animals, and she'll immediately send it to your farm for you to raise. You can breed animals later and forego buying more from Marnie, but you'll always need to visit the Ranch to get the first of any species, aside from Void Chickens and Dinosaurs.

The animals available for sale are dictated by the level of your Coops and Barns. To unlock all of the animals you need to upgrade Coops and Barns twice each. The animals available are as follows:
  • Chickens. Produce Eggs. Chickens cost 800 gold each, and require a Coop.
  • Ducks. Produce Duck Eggs and Duck Feathers. Ducks cost 4,000 gold each, and require a Big Coop.
  • Rabbits. Produce Wool and Rabbit's Feet. Rabbits cost 8,000 gold each, and require a Deluxe Coop. Rabbits do not breed on their own.
  • Cows. Produce Milk. Cows cost 1,500 gold each, and require a Barn.
  • Goats. Produce Goat's Milk. Goats cost 4,000 gold each, and require a Big Barn.
  • Sheep. Produce Wool. Sheep cost 8,000 gold each, and require a Deluxe Barn.
  • Pigs. Produce Truffles. Pig cost 16,000 gold each, and require a Deluxe Barn. 
Note that Cows and Goats require a Milk Pail to produce Milk, while Sheep require Shears to produce Wool. Pigs also produce Truffles at random, while rooting around outdoors, and you need to watch them closely.


In addition to selling animals, Marnie sells a small selection of items. All are related to animal care.
  • Hay - 50 gold
  • Heater - 2,000 gold
  • Milk Pail - 1,000 gold
  • Shears - 1,000 gold
Main Walkthrough


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