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One of the first two faces you'll see upon arrival in Stardew Valley, Lewis is a staple of the community. The mayor of Pelican Town, Lewis is familiar with everyone in and around his little hometown, and he encourages everyone to make the place as nice and as liveable as possible. He's a jovial fellow, if occasionally short-tempered, and is the closest thing you'll get to a tutorial character.

Lewis also appears to be a bit of a pervert. Just putting that out there.


Lewis lives alone in the Mayor's Manor, just off the main square of Pelican Town. He's quite the wanderer, and may visit more places than anyone else. Lewis is also the voice of most of the festivals that pop up, and speaking to him at these festivals will usually trigger important events. Whether you visit him often or not, Lewis is a constant fixture of any playthrough of Stardew Valley, particularly if you decide to befriend Marnie. He plainly has a thing for Marnie.

Lewis' birthday is on the 7th of Spring. During the first season his is the first birthday you'll encounter, though Kent takes that spot from the second year onward.

Likes and Dislikes

Lewis has a preference for Yams, and loves Glazed Yams and Autumn's Bounties, both of which requires Yams in their recipes. He also adores Red Peppers. To a lesser extent Lewis enjoys just about any greens you grow on your farm, such as Corn and Parsnips, and he loves any gems you might extract from rocks. Spaghetti, and Pizza are easy purchases from the Stardrop Saloon that you can use to quickly build up affection with Lewis.

Lewis doesn't like dairy products all that much, and he won't react well to Milks. He doesn't like Eggs much, either.


Lewis is a busy mayor, and he wanders all over Pelican Town and the outskirts on a regular basis. Early in the day you can typically find him either gardening outside his house (albeit not in Winter) or indoors, presumably making himself some food. You can also often find him heading north to Pierre's General Store, either to stare at the calendar out front or look at the goods inside. Where he goes past about 12 pm varies, and he might be headed to one of the following locations:
  • Marnie's Ranch
  • Willy's Fish Shop
  • The Library
  • Clint's Blacksmith
In the evenings Lewis either heads home or to the Stardrop Saloon. He seems to go to the Saloon more often, and earlier, during the Winter.

  • At three hearts Lewis will send you the recipe for Eggplant Parmesagne in the mail.
  • At six hearts you can get a scene with Lewis outside his house, in the evening. Gotcha.
Main Walkthrough