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A mysterious figure lingering in the dark, the Dwarf is an odd little fellow. Is it a he? A she? Just an it? It's hard to tell - and the Dwarf seems to distrust humans enough that you may never really know. But the Dwarf is affable enough to sell you stuff, and you may find its wares quite handy when traversing the depths of the Mines.


Before you can speak to the Dwarf you must first learn its language. You can do this by collecting the four Dwarf Scrolls, dropped by enemies within the Mines. Submit them to the Museum and Gunther will gift to you a Dwarvish Translation Gude, allowing you to understand the Dwarf from that point on.

The Dwarf lives on the top floor of the Mines, acting as a vendor. The Dwarf appears on your calendar from the start of Stardew Valley, but you can't get at the little creature until you have either an explosive (Cherry Bomb or Bomb) or a Steel Pickaxe to get through the stone barrier on the right side of the entry room. The Dwarf is suspicious of you from that point on, but will sell you a variety of combat-related goods anyway.

The Dwarf's birthday is on the 22nd of Summer.

Likes and Dislikes

The Dwarf's preferences are pretty obvious: it likes anything from the Mines. Give the Dwarf one of the valuable gemstones you find in the depths (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, etc.) for fantastic results. Note that this does not apply to other Minerals. The Dwarf also likes anything with 'Dwarf' in the name, such as the Dwarf Gadget or the Dwarvish Helmet.

The Dwarf doesn't like a whole lot else. If it's not a valuable gem, it's probably best given to someone else.


The Dwarf remains at its post in the Mines, day and night, and only moves for a single cut scene with Krobus.

  • At two hearts you can catch a cut scene between the Dwarf, Krobus, and the Wizard in the Sewer. I haven't yet determined if this is trigger by the Dwarf, Krobus, the Wizard, or all three, but I had the Dwarf and Krobus at two hearts apiece, and the Wizard at ten, when it went off.
Main Walkthrough