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If ever there was a woman who liked animals in Stardew Valley, it was Marnie. Cheerful and kind from the very start, Marnie is the go-to person if you have any four-legged needs, and her most sinister attribute is her apparent, yet hidden, relationship with one of the townsfolk. Sinister.


Marnie lives at her Ranch, to the west of Pelican Town, with her niece, Jas, and her nephew, Shane. She acts as the local livestock expert, and will sell you animals for your Coops and your Barns. Marnie is generally upbeat, and shows nothing but positive attitude to friends and strangers alike. She tends to hang out with Lewis the most, both at festivals and, occasionally, at the Stardrop Saloon.

Marnie's birthday is on the 18th of Fall.

Likes and Dislikes

Marnie is a fan of sweets, and you can win her over with Pink Cake and Pumpkin Pie, and, to a lesser degree, Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake. She loves a good Farmer's Lunch, and will happily accept the majority of other recipes as well, without much concern for contents. Like most people Marnie also enjoys gemstones, and treasures Diamonds above all others.

Marnie isn't terribly interested in raw products besides the stuff you grow on your farm, and won't react that well to greens you grab out of the fields. She also doesn't seem to like fish until they've been cooked.


As Marnie is a business owner, she spends most of her weeks tending to her Ranch. She's active behind the counter there from Wednesday to Sunday each week, from 9 am until 4 pm. In the evenings she'll either stay in or head to the Stardrop Saloon for a drink, staying out until the wee hours.

On Mondays Marnie changes her schedule, heading to Pierre's General Store early to shop before heading home and spending the day there. On Tuesdays Marnie also goes to the General Store, a little bit later, and works out with the other ladies of Pelican Town until 6 pm.

  • At three hearts Marnie will send you the recipe for Pale Broth in the mail. She'll also start sending you Hay.
  • At six hearts you can catch a scene between Marnie and Lewis in Pelican Town, once it's dark (after 7 pm or so). You may need to get both Marnie and Lewis to six hearts before this scene will trigger.
  • At seven hearts Marnie will send you the recipe for Rhubarb Pie in the mail.
Main Walkthrough