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How luverly. You've passed the halfway point of the year, and Fall is upon Stardew Valley. Though the leaves are dying now they must first pass through a period of intense natural beauty, and you get a whole month to enjoy the cornucopia of reds and golds as the world slowly goes to sleep around you.


Fall is a sort of lead-up to Winter, and you'll spend the majority of the season prepping yourself for the harder days to come. Life carries on more or less the same as before: plant, water, harvest, chat with people in town, forage, and so forth. By the time you reach Fall during your first year you should have a pretty good bead on the mechanics of Stardew Valley, and Fall doesn't throw any crazy curveballs compared to Spring and Summer.

Crops and Foraging

Similar to Summer, Fall has some comparatively longer growing times for the majority of its crops. You can grow Pumpkins, Corn, Eggplants, Bok Choy, Yams, Cranberries, Sunflowers, Fairy Roses, Amaranth, and Grapes during Fall, all available via Seeds from Pierre's General Store.

Note that Corn is the only crop that you can grow between seasons. If you didn't start growing it in Summer and carry it over to Fall, there's not a ton of point buying it now. Go with something that has a shorter growth period, like Cranberries.

Foraging in Fall should take roughly the same amount of time as in Summer, and you can find Wild Plums, Hazelnuts, Blackberries, Common Mushrooms, and the occasional Chanterelle during this month.


Fall plays host to two festivals:
  • The Stardew Valley Fair takes place on the 16th of Fall. During this ever-important festival you'll put nine of your best pieces of produce, whether grown or foraged or crafted, on display for judgment. You can also play a series of mini games and win prizes.
  • Spirit's Eve takes place on the 27th of Fall. This nighttime party gives you the opportunity to brave a spooooooky maze and find a prize. (It is, in essence, some free money.)

The following people have birthdays in Fall:
  • 2nd - Penny
  • 5th - Elliott
  • 11th - Jodi
  • 13th - Abigail
  • 15th - Sandy
  • 18th - Marnie
  • 21st - Robin
  • 24th - George
Fall Strategies
  • Put your all into harvesting crops during Fall. You won't have any plants to fall back on during Winter, and you'll want lots of money going into Winter if your primary focus throughout the year is planting. You'll face a long, boring Winter if you run out of money.
  • Fall is also a good time to get started on animals, if you don't have some already. That said, you want to use Fall to produce and gather as much Hay as possible, since the only way to get Hay in Winter is to purchase it from Marnie.
  • Assuming you plant Grass Starters to feed your animals, make sure you Scythe it on the 28th of Winter. Might as well get as much Hay as you can before the grass disappears for the season.
  • Take the warning about the impending Stardew Valley Fair seriously. You have a week to gather together the best stuff you have, and if you take first place in the Grange Display during the Fair you'll earn 1,000 Star Tokens - half the price of a Stardrop, which will increase your overall Energy.
  • Fall is the only time you can cultivate Rare Seeds, purchased from the cart that parks itself near Marnie's Ranch on Fridays and Sundays. These Seeds take twenty-four days to grow, so make sure you plant your Seed(s) as early as humanly possible. If you buy one halfway through the season you'll basically just have to wait until next year for the planting.