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Toasty! The second season of the Stardew Valley year, Summer is a time of activity and fun, where the people of the Valley get out of their houses and enjoy themselves in the warm weather. It's not all games and sunshine, though, as you have plenty of work to do each day before you can groove out and enjoy yourself.


Summer is the second season of any year in Stardew Valley, and aesthetically it's not that different from Spring. You may need to do some cleaning of your property between seasons, but the chances won't be quite as radical as the transition from Winter to Spring. Any crops that remain between the two seasons will need to be cleared away.

Early in Summer you'll hear an earthquake. This will unlock the Spa and the nearby railroad station for your use. Summer is also the first season in which you're likely to get a meteorite strike on your farm.

Crops and Foraging

Summer doesn't offer quite as much variety in produce as Spring, though you'll still get plenty of use out of the Seeds you can purchase from Pierre's General Store at the beginning of the month. You can grow Melons, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Red Peppers, Wheat, Radishes, Poppies, Spangles, Hops, Corn, and, starting in the second year, Red Cabbages from Seeds available in Pierre's General Store. You can also grow Starfruits from Seeds available only in Calico Desert.

Foraging is far less varied in Summer than in Spring, and you'll find Spice Berries, Grapes, Sweet Peas, and the occasional Red Mushroom while hunting in the wilds surrounding Pelican Town.


There are two festivals during the Summer:
  • The Luau takes place on the 11th of Summer. During this festival you can bring a food item to add to a massive stew pot in order to satisfy the regional Governor.
  • The Dance of the Moonlight Jellies takes place on the 28th of Summer. It's a strictly-aesthetic celebration where you watch hordes of jellyfish wash up towards the beach.

The following people have birthdays in Summer:
  • 4th - Jas
  • 8th - Gus
  • 10th - Maru
  • 13th - Alex
  • 17th - Sam
  • 19th - Demetrius
  • 22nd - Dwarf
  • 24th - Willy
Summer Strategies
  • On average Summer crops take longer to grow than Spring crops. This is true of every season, but you should start growing new crops in Summer as early as possible, preferably on the first day.
  • Summer is the only time you can grow Wheat and Hops, two staple crops used in brewing Beer and Pale Ale, respectively. It takes a long time to brew anything in Kegs, so make biiiiiig fields of both Wheat and Hops during the Summer, then spend the rest of the year brewing via your Kegs.
  • Corn is perhaps the best crop to cultivate during Summer. Not only does it yield excellent profits, it carries over between Summer and Fall. I highly recommend growing Corn on your first day and continuing to harvest it for the next two seasons.
  • Starting in Summer you'll get occasional notices that a train is passing through Stardew Valley. I highly recommend rushing to the train station when this happens, if you're in the area - the train will often drop useful items for you. (Just stay out of its way. And, uh, don't smack it with a weapon.) This will also unlock the nearby Spa, where you can quickly rejuvenate Energy after a long day's work and keep on working.
Main Walkthrough