You’ll get this quest on the 25th of Summer during your first year. Simple enough request - George wants himself a Hot Pepper. He needs you to make it happen.

The problem? Hot Peppers require five days of maturation, and you have three days before the end of the month. Rough. There are a few ways around this:
  • Have them growing already. Hopefully you just started growing Hot Peppers before this quest popped up.
  • Purchase lots of Speed-Gro when getting your Seeds and sprinkle it liberally on your soil before planting. This can get costly on your first year, so hopefully you have a nice nest egg when the quest appears. This is not guaranteed to get you Hot Peppers, so the more Peppers you can grow at one time, the better. (Though keep in mind that a decent portion of your crop might not survive the transition to the next season.)
  • Wait until next year. George will wait, too.
Take your Hot Pepper to George once you have a nice crop of ‘em. He lives at 1 River Road, just east of Pierre’s General Store, and he doesn’t stray far from home during the day. You’ll get 200 gold via the Journal for handing over a Hot Pepper, as well as a slight affection bump with George.