There are several areas in Stardew Valley that aren’t immediately accessible, and one of the more tantalizing of them is the Sewer. Located beneath Pelican Tower, the Sewer has two entrances - one in Town, one just outside - and neither can be opened upon arrival in the region. You need some sort of key to get inside…

Accessing the Sewer

Early in your farming career you may make a trip out to the far northwest of Stardew Valley, south of Marnie’s Ranch. Out here you can find a Sewer Pipe that’s locked, similar to the manhole cover in Pelican Town. Depending on when you come here (I think it happens after you’ve been to the Library & Museum) you’ll find Jas and Vincent chatting about the Pipe. A cut scene hints at the key inside - as well as things living beneath Pelican Town.

The major hint is that Gunther, the proprietor of the Stardew Valley Museum & Library, has the key for the Sewer. This is indeed true, but he won’t hand it over - or at least he won’t until you’ve added a total of sixty Artifacts and / or Minerals to the Museum collection. This can take quite a long time to do, as Artifacts and Minerals are found only with some extensive foraging in very deep places. Here are some tips for doing the job:
  • Whenever you see wriggly worms in the ground, dig. These will sometimes be Artifacts.
  • Gain access to the Mines. The way inside will open in Summer. Many of the monsters and rocks inside carry Minerals and Artifacts.
  • Crack open Geodes. Though you’ll occasionally get Geodes from monsters, they’re usually inside rocks. Again, you’ll need to head into the Mines to find the best Geodes. Take them to Clint, the Blacksmith, and he can open the Geodes to reveal hidden goodies. This is the best way to get Minerals, and Artifacts pop out occasionally too.
Make no mistake, this will take a while. You’re better off collecting them while doing other things and just waiting until your collection is complete. Once you’ve collected and donated sixty of both items, Gunther will show up at your house the next day and present you with a Rusty Key that can unlock the Sewer.


Both entrances into the Sewer lead to the same place: a quagmire of sickly green water. How fun it is to have come down here! Fortunately, the contents of the Sewer more than make up for the effort. The primary draw of the Sewer is a strange, dark creature named Krobus, which, despite looking a little evil, is actually relatively nice. In addition to being yet another NPC you can befriend, Krobus is a vendor with some rare and valuable items on sale, with some rotation in sales:
  • Void Essence - 100 gold
  • Solar Essence - 80 gold
  • Omni Geode (rotates) - 300 gold
  • Magnet (rotates) - 200 gold
  • Lucky Lunch (rotates) - 370 gold
  • Bread (rotates) - 90 gold
  • Mixed Seeds (rotates) - 30 gold
  • Slime (rotates) - 10 gold
  • Bat Wing (rotates) - 30 gold
  • Iridium Sprinkler (rotates) - 10,000 gold
  • Stardrop - 20,000 gold (I assume this is a one-time purchase)
  • Crystal Floor Recipe - 500 gold
  • Wicked Statue Recipe - 1,000 gold

Perhaps less immediately obvious, though still important, is the fact that you can fish down here. I haven’t tested the Sewer extensively yet, but it is, at least, a good place to pick up Carp. The primary draw, however, is the legendary Mutant Carp, a tough-to-catch, unique monstrosity pictured above. You can sell this derpy beast for 1,250 gold, a nice profit for a single fish.