You’ll receive this quest on the 15th of Spring during your second year of play. Granny Evelyn, the cheery half of the octogenarian couple of Pelican Town, wants a Leek for her husband. What a great surprise.

This quest is pretty easy. There are two ways to get a Leek:
  • Wander around. Simple as that. Leeks appear randomly on the map outside Pelican Town, and if you check the road between town and your farm, or the northern route that connects your house with the Carpenter’s Shop, you’ll find one eventually. 
  • Grow Wild Seeds. Chop up enough greenery on your property and you’re bound to come across Wild Seeds eventually. Grow enough of them and the chances are good at least one of them will sprout a Leek.
The only thing to keep in mind is that Leeks only grow during the Spring. So long as you find one in the next thirteen days, which is likely even if you don’t go looking for them specifically, you’ll finish the quest.

Take the Leek to Evelyn. She lives at 1 River Road, a short walk east of Pierre’s General Store, and even when she leaves the house she seldom moves far past town square. She’ll give you 500 gold for your troubles, via the Journal, and you’ll earn a point of affection with the ol’ girl.