The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Location: Velen - Hangman’s Alley
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 18 (though it’s not near difficult enough to justify that rating)
Reward: Loot

- Head west of Blackbough, a small village in Velen, until you hit the Hangman’s Alley signpost. Continue west from here along the coast and, past a Bandit Camp full of some nasty fellas (whom you can avoid if you want by going through the water), you’ll find a Hidden Treasure spot. Killer the Drowners here, then check the corpses of the dead men the Drowners were guarding.

- One of them has a Smuggler’s Letter. Read it and it will hint at underwater treasure. This will make a marker appear in the seas just off shore, to the west. You can see a ship poking up out of the water, making the spot easy to find.

- Hop in the water and swim over - but carefully. There are a number of Drowners down here, and they’ll batter you to death if you get too close. Stay on the periphery and slowly pick them off with crossbow holts. Once they’re dead, swim beneath the corpse of the ship and use your Witcher Senses to quickly locate a chest. Grab the contents to complete the quest.

- While you're out here, note the Hidden Treasure spot just south of where you had to swim. There's a Nightwraith lurking out here, and it's at level 14, making it quite powerful for the time you're actually likely to come out to these parts. She's guarding a chest full of swag, but be careful anyway.