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Location: Velen - Lindenvale
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 6
Reward: Assorted treasure

- You’ll trigger this quest by speaking to Dolores, a woman weeping in the streets, in Lindenvale. Lindenvale is a small village to the south of Mulbrydale, the first settlement you’ll find when you cross an over-water bridge. Check the image above for its exact location.

- Dolores begs you to clear out her house, which has been overrun by monsters. Agree and she’ll give you a Lockbox Key which you can use to access a chest in her house to collect your reward. Fair enough, Dolores, fair enough.

- The house you’re looking for is on the far side of some woods, to the east of Lindenvale. The forest is relatively dangerous if you decide to run straight through, between monster attacks and sudden drops that can kill you before you realize what’s happening, so if you want a safer (but slower) route to the home, stick to the roads.

- What happens at the manor depends on either how you proceeded through The Witcher 2 or how you answered one of the questions during the Imperial Audience quest - specifically, what happened with Letho.

If You Spared Letho

The manor grounds are large, and look fertile for combat, but no one’s home when you arrive. That said, there are a number of traps that will cause you some pain. Use your Witcher Senses to avoid and disable them before they catch Geralt by the ankle. You’ll gain a new quest, Ghosts of the Past, upon arrival. You’ll find him in the barn. 

If You Killed Letho

The manor grounds are, put simply, infested with Wraiths. They’re fairly harsh creatures, but they’re spread out enough that you shouldn’t have to fight more than one or two at a time. Take it slow and wipe them out as you come across them, using signs to stop them from going insubstantial on you. Once you wipe them out you can search the grounds.

- Regardless of whether you found Letho or Wraiths at the homestead, search behind the barn. You’ll find stairs secreted in the overgrown bushes, and at the bottom several musty rooms. Turn on your Witcher Senses and look in the rear of this area for a conspicuous wall that you can blow open with Aard. Inside you’ll find a skeleton with some Loose Scraps of Paper on it. Read them, and, if you like, report what you discovered to Dolores later.

- Now for your reward. If you check the western house on the property you’ll find a small box on the lower floor, tucked into a corner. It contains a Sturdy Barn Key. Use this to access the second, locked half of the barn in the south. Use your Witcher Senses in here to locate some writing on the rear wall; doing so will bring a chest out of hiding. It contains 100 Florens.

- Whether you found Letho or the Wraiths waiting, return to Lindenvale and speak to Dolores again. She’ll finish up the quest for you (and remind you to look for the chest, assuming you didn’t find it already).