The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Varies; see below
Prerequisites: Complete Family Matters (most of it, anyway) and the Keira Metz quests
Suggested Level: 7
Reward: 50 gold, XP

- As far as I can tell to trigger this quest you need to have completed the majority of the Bloody Baron main quests, as well as the side tasks for Keira Metz that take you to Fyke Isle. If you know better, let me know in the comments.

- To begin this quest you need to speak to the Peller, the semi-holy-goat guy from Family Matters. It appears that he’ll show up in a few different places, most notably his hut, though also in Crow’s Perch while you’re visiting the Baron. When you get close enough he’ll address you automatically, so don’t worry about having to hunt around too much.

- The Pellar will ask you to help him with a rite involving Forefathers’ Eve. To complete this you need to accompany him to Fyke Isle, the small stretch of waterbound land where you helped Keira earlier in the game. Bear in mind that there are a lot of nasties crawling ‘round the area, depending on how you approach the Isle. Your destination is the open, circular, stony area in the west, away from the tower.

- Meet the Pellar at the circle after 12 am to get a cut scene. Agree to help and he’ll start a ritual, and you’ll have to protect the Pellar and his followers from a contingent of Drowners and a Water Hag. Not too difficult - use area signs to knock them off balance and dance around until you can kill the lot.

- Beating the Drowners will trigger a cut scene, and several Witch Hunters will show up. If you want you can bow out at this point, ending the quest prematurely. Otherwise, defend the Pellar and kill the Hunters. Pretty easy fight. Another cut scene later you’ll be fighting Wraiths.

- You’ll get a bunch of experience, but your quest isn’t done yet. Now you need to find a body. Make a trip to Crookback Bog (The Orphans of Crookback Bog Fast Travel point is the closest to your destination) and you’ll find an area of interest waiting. Be ready to fight Rotfiends. They’ll be standing around the body you want, which you can easily locate with Witcher Senses.

- Set the body on fire with Igni, then return to the Pellar’s hut outside Blackbough. He’ll provide more details and a reward, completing the quest. You can now purchase items from the Pellar at a nice discount, as well, which is good for crafting potions.