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Main Walkthrough

Location: Velen - Redanian Border
Prerequisites: None
Reward: XP, Transit Pass

- You’ll find this quest at the Redanian Border, on the northern outskirts of Novigrad. Look among the crowded tents for a dude yelling about passes into Novigrad who’s labelled ‘Shady Merchant’. Can’t get more obvious about a con than that, really.

- The Merchant will try to sell you a pass for 100 gold. There are three ways to go about this: 
  • The first is to just pay 100 gold. You’ll get a Transit Pass. No fuss, no muss.
  • The second is to ask the dude to lower his price. He’ll then request that you help his brother, who is the centre of a quest called Bitter Harvest. Fake Papers has no Suggested Level, but Bitter Harvest does - a nine. That can be a bit steep when you first arrive here. Complete the quest and you’ll get the Transit Pass for 50 gold instead of 100 gold. Note that the brother must survive Bitter Harvest for you to get the discount. (Apparently it’s some kinda glitch.)
  • The third is to ask the dude to lower his price, and then use Axii to twist his mind to the idea. If your Axii is strong enough he’ll lower the Transit Pass to 50 gold.
The Transit Pass will allow you to enter Novigrad at your leisure. Note that bypassing Bitter Harvest does not eliminate the quest as an option - you can still do it for a bit of extra reward if you want.

NOTE: If you completed Bitter Harvest but Albin Hart died in the battle you're probably better off just giving up on Fake Papers. The Shady Merchant will be displeased with you, and I've heard stories that even if you pay the full amount for a Pass you still won't get one. There are other ways to get across the border anyway.

Main Walkthrough