The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen - Redanian Border
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 9
Reward: Varies - see below

- This quest appears when you arrive in the muddy fields just south of the Redanian Border in the north of Velen. Upon arrival you’ll find soldiers fighting Ghouls; help them kill the beasts. (The quest marker may not appear until the Ghouls are killed. Seems to vary from one load to another.) The quest can also be activated via another, related task called Fake Papers, which can be gotten from a spot closer to the border.

- Save. Seriously. This quest isn’t amazingly difficult, but you can fail it if you’re not quick enough. Avoid that possibility by saving beforehand and trying until you get it right.

- Speak to Albin Hart, the commander of the small force here. He’ll ask you to help his guys with their work by defending them from more attacks. The rest of the quest, therefore, is pretty simple: kill any Ghouls that invade the area. There are a fair number, and they’re joined by the occasional Rotfiend. Some tips for taking them out before they can kill the scavengers working here:
  • Stay mobile. The Ghouls come out of the woods, but there are a lot of woods. If you don’t see any more Ghouls roaming at one end of the woods, head to the other end. They spawn fairly often.
  • Work with the soldiers and hounds here. They’re not nearly as good at fighting as you, but they make good distractions. Do your best to kill enemies before they can take down your allies.
  • Watch out for the Rotfiends. Not only are they stronger than the Ghouls, they have the dual danger of exploding when they take too much damage. This sucks for you, true, but it sucks even more for your allies, as these goofs are too dumb to run away most of the time. Try to draw Rotfiends away from the NPCs before taking them down.
  • Mind the final (fourth) wave. One of the Ghouls is level nine rather than the standard level seven, and it takes a lot more effort to bring down. While you’re focusing on it the other Ghouls can easily sweep by you and murder the workers. Kill the lesser baddies first, then catch the attention of the big guy for last.
- If you manage to save the workers you’ll receive a bunch of XP and 70 gold. If you fail to save them you’ll receive less XP and 15 gold, presumably from looting their useless corpses. Yay!

NOTE: If you completed this quest as part of Fake Papers but Albin Hart died in the battle, you're probably better off just giving up on Fake Papers. Albin's brother will be displeased with you, and I've heard stories that even if you pay the full amount for a Pass you still won't get one. There are other ways to get across the border anyway.