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Location: Novigrad - Novigrad City
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 14
Reward: 15 gold, XP

Note: You get an extra option to solve this quest peaceably if you visit Skellige and complete the quests there first. Not a huge issue, but worth noting.

- You’ll trigger this quest when visiting Crippled Kate’s, the brothel of Novigrad. Upon arrival you’ll find a woman out front, calling for aid, and she’ll ask you to head in and remove a bunch of Skelligers who have occupied the place. (She doesn’t always seem to be there; if she isn’t, try during the day. You do not need to go to Skellige to trigger this quest.)

- The Skelligers will yell at you as soon as you enter the brothel. There are a few ways to solve the dispute:
  • Fight one-on-one with the Skelliger leader. This involves a fistfight with the dude. Not too hard as long as you’re around his level.
  • Fight the lot of ‘em. A group of Skelligers will attack. This is probably the hardest option, as the brothel is small and there’s not much room to fight. Remain nimble and sidestep constantly.
  • Convince them to leave with Axii. You’ll need second or third level persuasiveness to get ‘em gone.
  • Assuming you’ve completed the quest The Lord of Undvik you can also just get the guys to leave by pointing out Geralt’s identity.
Regardless of how you get rid of the Skelligers, speak to the Strumpet out front again for your reward. You can accept or refuse the reward, but (presumably because of a bug) you’ll get money either way.

Main Walkthrough