The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Main Walkthrough

Location: Novigrad - Yantra
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 14
Reward: 245+ gold, XP

- You can find this quest on the Notice Board of Yantra, a small village to the northeast of the main city of Novigrad. The Board’s right in the middle of town. The petitioner is at the Honeyfill Meadworks, to the south of Yantra; expect a decently long, but peaceful, walk.

- Enter the Meiersdorf Meadworks and speak to Holofernes, the halfling owner, on the ground floor. As ever you have the chance to haggle over your fee, and he’ll give you info on what you need to check. 

- Follow Holofernes’ sons out into the fields. Once they’re done leading, use your Witcher Senses to check out the grave, the blood behind the grave, and the footprints leading away from the grave. Follow them to a nearby lake, but rather than swimming across the lake, follow the edge of it south. You’ll soon come across some Drowned Ones. Kill ‘em off.

- Use your Witcher Senses again once the baddies are dead to find more tracks leading away from the lake. They’ll take you towards a cluster of bushes - and a hole that’s too small to enter, at the base of a ruined house. Check the other side of the house to find stairs into a basement. Approach it for a quick cut scene, then pop the door open…

- … and a beastie will rush out. The ‘Phantom’, as it were, will dash away. Hop on Roach and follow it through the fields before it can flee. Once you get close enough to smack it one the thing will attack.

Apiarian Phantom

The Apiarian Phantom is really just a Hound of the Wild Hunt, and like its lesser kin it doesn’t like heat. Most of the Phantom’s attacks are just simple swiping dashes, so hold back, wait for it to rush you, and unleash a blast of Igni. This will stop it for a moment, and your next sword strike will do extra damage. Take two or three hits, then jump back, as the Phantom will retaliate with an icy area attack. Repeat until it dies. Not too bad.

- Check the Phantom’s corpse for a Wild Hunt Hound Trophy, then return to Holofernes for your reward.

Main Walkthrough