Eggs! Your first holiday special in Stardew Valley is the Egg Festival, a yearly tradition that will have you rushing around Pelican Town in a mad scramble for eggs - and a lovely, straw prize.

The Egg Festival takes place on the 13th of Spring every year, and starts at 9 am. During the first three hours of the day you will not be able to access Pelican Town, so if you plan on joining in you should spend that time prepping your farm - watering plants, dealing with animals, etc. If you don’t plan on attending you won’t be able to access the town for most of the day.

The Egg Festival has plenty to see and most of the townsfolk eager to chat, but it breaks down into two primary activities. The first is Pierre, who has a stand near the road to your farm. This iteration of Pierre sells Strawberry Seeds for 100 gold and a Plush Bunny for 2,000 gold. Save up if you plan to buy either. The second activity…

Egg Hunt

… is an Easter Egg Hunt. (Minus the real-life holiday.) In this mini game you’re tasked with finding as many eggs you can within a strict time limit, competing against other searchers. The eggs are spread throughout Pelican Town, primarily on the edges of the main area of the festival grounds, and you have a minute to track down at least nine eggs. Below are as many egg locations as I could find:
  • Beside Harvey’s Clinic
  • Behind Pierre’s shop stand (you need to go around Pierre’s General Store and Harvey’s Clinic to get at the two eggs back here, however - you might want to save these for last since it takes so long to go around)
  • Behind a large tree to the west of the main festival ground, near the road back to your farm
  • Behind a trash can near 1 River Road (east)
  • Behind a large bush in the north of the main festival grounds (look behind Demetrius and Harvey)
  • Behind a large tree to the left of the main festival grounds (look near Sebastian, the goth dude)
  • Right alley beside 2 Willow Lane (south)
  • Top-right corner of the rear fence surrounding 1 Willow Lane (south)
  • Behind the bushes surrounding the bench, just southeast of the main festival grounds
  • Behind the bushes north of the Graveyard (check the right-most bush)
  • Behind the middle tombstone in the Graveyard
  • Behind a tree in the south of the Graveyard
  • By a bush on the west side of the Graveyard
  • In the backyard of the Mayor’s Manor (southeast)
  • In the back of Lewis’s truck (also southeast)
  • By the entrance to the Sewer
  • On the banks near the Sewer (down and to the right)
So long as you pick up nine eggs or more during the Egg Hunt you’ll win the prize, netting you a Straw Hat. Otherwise, Abigail wins. 

The end of the Egg Hunt marks the end of the Egg Festival, and you’ll be sent back to your house at 10 pm. If you haven’t performed your daily chores, now’s the time. See you next year!