Choppy's Woods, the second area in FNF World.
FNaF World created by Scott Cawthon.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Choppy’s Woods is the area immediately surrounding Fazbear Hills. You’ll know the difference between the two areas once you start seeing trees that have been chopped down, hence the name. You’ll encounter many of the same enemies you met in Fazbear Hills here, as well as some more powerful newcomers:
  • Chop ’N Roll. More or less the namesake enemies of the area. They’re dangerous in groups if you wander in here accidentally early in your travels. Red attacks are ideal.
  • Totemole. Your standard hitters, though a few notches stronger than the dudes you fought in Fazbear Hills. They often appear in packs.
The first, semi-contained section of Choppy’s Woods is to the east of Fazbear Hills, and I recommend heading this direction first. The first thing you’ll find is another Lolbit’s Byte Store, where you can purchase Medpod 1, Medpod 2, and Mega-Med. The three Bytes will heal your party during combat, which can be really handy for recruitment battles.

Just north of Lolbit and on your left are two large trees. If you walk behind these trees you'll find a hidden chest containing the Headstart: Speed Chip.

The party battles a Totemole, an enemy in CHoppy's Woods in FNAF World.
The (not terribly) rare and (only moderately) elusive Totemole,
one of the fiends patrolling Choppy's Woods.
To properly access the remainder of Choppy’s Woods you’ll need to head west out of Fazbear Heights and then south. Once you’ve spoken to Fredbear, check the wavering tree to your left. This will zip you into a Sub-Tunnel, a weird, wonderful, blue area that will essentially allow you to teleport. There are two little warp points in here, and you want to touch the second one.

The warp will pop you out beside Fredbear. Speak to him again and he’ll tell you to touch the yellow button to your left. This creates a Jump point, similar to the one you have for Fazbear Heights, that will  zip you back to this point in Choppy’s Woods. Handy.

Clock Task

Wait out Fredbear's dialogue and let him linger on the 'Done' button for a few seconds to receive another clock-finding mission. This one appears in Dusting Fields, the next area in the game, and it's in a pretty obvious spot near another Lolbit's Byte Store. Touch the four glowing panels in the following minigame before time is up, in this order: Top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right.

Head south. There’s a lovely little seagull on your right and the rest of the path on your left. If you slip through the tree beside the seagull you’ll find a cave known as the Mysterious Mine. Don't enter this place yet, as the enemies inside are just a touch too strong for your party.

Glitch alert! Remember that seagull? Walk up against the stump it's sitting on for a few seconds. This activates a glitch, allowing you to ignore boundary restrictions and wander around over the landscape until you touch the seagull again. You can use this glitch to reach Gearlily Lake, in the northeast, and grab a red chest containing the Auto: Shield Chip. You will get your butt thwomped if you try to do this early in the game, as the enemies hereabouts are end-of-the-game strong, so use caution.

Return to the main path and take a left. If you swing north as you wander west you’ll see a treasure chest, guarded by another Auto Chipper. Easy pickings at this point. The chest contains the Evercomet: Weak Chip. 

Return to the main path and meander west. You’ll soon hit the fringes of Choppy’s Woods and find a new area to explore, Dusting Fields. There’s more to Choppy’s Woods, but you can’t get at it yet, so we'll come back to it later.