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- There is no obvious way to get into either the desert or the swamp from their respective worlds. Fortunately, Link can get around that problem. Warp to Hyrule and check the small gorge leading west out of the Great Marsh. Near a cave with a Great Fairy you'll find a crack to slip into.
Misery Mire
- Welcome to de swamp. Start by checking the cave to your right, assuming you have the Sand and Tornado Rods equipped. Hit all of the buttons on the bottom floor to activate a fan, then use the Sand Rod to create a platform in the central room. Tornado up into the wind to get atop the platforms you've created. Merge with the wall to reach the northern platform. Walk and merge your way south to find a second fan button. Click it on, get back atop the platform in front of it, and... I'll be honest, I can't figure this out yet. It may have something to do with an upgrade to the two Rods. I'll come back to it.
- Walk west. Now you're in the main section of Misery Mire. Head north to find the local weather vane, granting you much easier access to this area.
- If you're inclined, hop into the water and swim all the way to the west end of Misery Mire. Submerged in the water out here is a Maiamai.
- Get down into the muck. If you head back north and check the cliff face nearest the weather vane, you'll find a Maiamai.
- There are two cracks near the Maiamai. Both lead to the same place...

Desert of Mystery
- Now that you're in the Desert, that Sand Rod of yours will become infinitely more useful. Pull it out and walk a short ways north. You'll hear the cries of a Maiamai; plow up the sand just east of the first set of stairs you see to reveal it. It may take a few tries to find.
- Continue north, up the stairs. Bridge the gap between the west and the east with your Sand Rod and merge with the path you've created to get to the other side. Pull out your Bombs (hopefully you have them, they make the next dungeon a bit easier) and chuck one at the obvious weak point on the wall to your left. Blow it open to find a crack in the world. Go through to find a Heart Piece in Misery Mire.
- Go back to the Desert of Mystery. Return to the bluffs and use the Sand Rod to get onto the cliff edge to your left. Merge with the wall and travel into the crack further west.
Misery Mire
- Follow the bridge to another crack in the southwest. Be careful not to fall off or you'll basically have to start this section over.
Desert of Mystery
- Use the Sand Rod to move from pedestal to pedestal. You're aiming for the far wall, which you can them merge with and use to get onto the stone tiles. Be wary of that stupid buzzard flying around - one fall will result in some irritating backtracking.
- Use the weather vane on the other side to completely undo any risk of having to do all that again. Yay!
- Before progressing onward, use the Sand Rod on the stretch of sand south of the platform. There's a hidden Maiamai beneath the dunes.
- Straight ahead, across the broken bridge, is your next destination: the haunting Desert Palace. Ooooo, spooky.
Return Trip
  • Once you have the Titan Mitts - which you'll receive in the very next dungeon, actually - return to the entrance of Misery Mire. There are two rocks, not far from the crack in the wall, which hide a secret: the southern one is home to a Maiamai.