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House of Gales 1F
- Enter the House of Gales. Immediately ahead are pots; bust through them to find a button. It will activate a pair of wind machines. Use the Tornado Rod to zip up into the winds and onto the platform above.
- Head north. Fight off the enemies nearby, then walk north until you see a set of stairs to the east. Walk along them until you see a northern path, then head south through the wall. You'll find an orb switch. Hit it to lower a nearby platform. Return to the ground floor above, then painting walk your way across to the platform. There's a door waiting.
- Beyond are three fiery fiends that constantly circle the room. Use the Ice Rod to douse their flames, then swat them to death with the sword or shoot them with the Bow. Once all three are gone you'll reveal a chest containing a Small Key.
- Return to the central room and carry on north. There are two braziers at the far end; light them both to unveil a chest containing 20 rupees.
- Drop down onto the lowered floor to the right of the braziers. Inside is a room with a fan and four monsters to kill. Take out the squidy things and you can turn off the fan. Beyond the fan is a chest with Monster Guts.
- Use your painting skillz to return to the northern room's main floor. Head to the southwest corner of the room to find a locked door. Go through.
- There's a moving platform inside. Merge with it to travel to a nearby chest, guarded by a zappy jellyfish creature. Wait until it's done zapping to strike it to death, then open the chest for a Compass.
- Merge with the wall and continue north until you reach another moving platform. Use it to move to the left side of the room.
- Go up the stairs leading south and use the platforms to get to a button in the north. It will activate another fan, allowing you to reach the second level of the main room with greater ease.
- Go through the door to your right and hit the button on the walkway to activate a fan in the main room. Shoot the orb on the platform across from the walkway to activate a larger, upward-facing fan, also in this room.
- Use the Tornado Rod to sweep to a northern walkway. Go through the door to your left.
- Kill the rats in this next room and drop down to access a door in the south.
- Back to the moving platform room. Cling to the wall to your left and walk down to the treasure chest in the southwest corner of the room. It contains 100 rupees.
- Make your way back to the northern walkway in the central room and hop onto the large fan you activated earlier. Weee!

House of Gales 2F
- Walk south. Use the Tornado Rod to get over the rolling spiked trap.
- Bust up the pots at the bottom of the stairs to find a button. It will reveal a Small Key. Use the Boomerang to retrieve it from its perch. Use it on the locked door in the south of this room. (You can also get to this Key by merging with the wall just north of it, accessible via the door in the northeast corner of the room.)
- Drop down to the platform on your right. There are two switches beyond, both of which activate a wall of flames; the one on the right will make a large treasure chest appearing, containing the Big Key. Pulling the switch and opening the chest will both trigger fights with statue knights, to be ready to brawl. You can dowse the flames using the Tornado Rod.
- Walk north one room. Kill the enemies on your way back to the central room.
- Go south again, but this time jump to the left. Pull the last switch on the left to trigger a moving platform. (The others just spawn enemies.) Use the Tornado Rod to get up onto the platform.
- Locked door, no key. Hm. Merge with the wall beside the door and shimmy along the outside of the House to find a hidden button. Hit it to reveal a Small Key on the main stretch of platform, between a clump of flames. Use the Tornado Rod to douse the flames temporarily and collect the Key, then use it on the door.
- Battle beyond! There are two fiery salamander-esque creatures in here that want to tangle. Use the Tornado Rod to put out the flames on their bodies so you can hit them, then move in for the kill with your sword or arrows. They move fasted when extinguished, so be prepared. Watch out for those trails they leave behind! Beating them opens a warp tile which will take you back to the entrance of House of Gales.
- Go through the northern door and back into the central area. Move up to the northwestern door.
- Inside is an area with a ton of buttons, all of which activate fans. In this order, hit the second on the left, the one to the north, and the top of the last pair. This order will shuttle you to the far exit.
- Climb the stairs to the east, minding the bats, and hit the switch you find. This will shut down the remaining two fans in here. Afterward, hop down and merge with the wall to return to the main room.
- Go through the door leading into the eastern wing of this floor, previously blocked. Climb the stairs and used a ranged weapon to hit the orb switch in the middle of the chasm, then hop down in front of the strange, green, cyclopean creature here and hit the button. This thing will only be vulnerable when its eye is open, so time your hits. Use the Tornado Rod to get up to the now-moving platform above, and use it to reach the fan that's been activated nearby.

House of Gales 3F
- Kill off the enemies in this area, then merge with the southern wall to get past the fan. Go through the door to your left.
- Locked door and a cyclops. Kill the cyclops and light the braziers to reach the western wing.
- Ah, joy, more rotating fire skull things. Use the Tornado Rod to douse their flames, then knock 'em into the pit. Easy. This will unlock a chest containing 50 rupees, as well as the northern door.
- Merge your way past the next room to head east. Back in the room with the fans you'll find a chest containing a Small Key. Make your way back to the locked door.
- Last room. Get on the lower moving platform, then use the Tornado Rod as it's moving back south. You'll land on the upper platform instead. Straight ahead is that big 'ol door you've been yearning to open. Boss time!

Yeah, I Have No Idea What This Thing Is Called, But Lord Is It Ugly
Yikes. This creature, though imposing, is fairly predictable: it basically just moves around the platform, trying to knock you off with gusts of wind. Start off by using the Tornado Rod while it's sweeping by to get up to the eye. Use the opportunity while it's stunned to swipe at it repeatedly.
Eventually you'll get knocked down, the eye will disappear, and the thing's body will grow. Once it starts moving again, use your sword or arrows to strike at the segments of its body. They'll get knocked out, reducing it back to its original size. Once the eye's out again, Tornado Rod up, swipe, and repeat the process. Knock it about three times for the win. The thing itself can't hurt you, but it will try to knock you off the edges of the arena, which will get really annoying after a while.
After beating the big meanie you'll receive a Heart Piece. You'll also earn the Pendant of Wisdom, the second key component in your quest. Wooooooo! Two down, one to go!