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- Before entering the Lost Woods proper, have a look around the periphery. There's stuff to be seen, if you haven't seen it already during your trips to Kakariko Village and the Tower of Hera. (Some of the details of the outlying lands of the Lost Woods are covered in this article, as well as at the bottom of this page. Most of the stuff outside the Woods themselves will be unavailable until later in the game.)
- One exception is to the southeast of Lost Woods. You'll find a pit with a small amount of water at the bottom. In the water is a Maiamai you can dive down to retrieve.
- The Lost Woods has four different entrances. We'll start with the eastern-most entrance, near the Miner's House.
Lost Woods
- South of where you enter there are two stones. Lift the right stone to find a Maiamai.
- Proceed south, warding off any enemies you find. Atop a tree near the right entrance in the south of the woods is another Maiamai. You'll have to dash into the tree using the Pegasus Boots to knock it down from its perch.
- Wander west a short ways to a clearing. There are two more entrances / exits to the south. Check the one on the right of the clearing to find a small, fenced-in area. Pound down the wooden poles blocking passage to find a third Maiamai. It's hidden beneath a rock.
- Head back into the Lost Woods and into the clearing. Go north until you see a log tunnel. Through it and to your right is another log tunnel. Go through and merge with the rock wall to the south. You can slip through a crack here and get to a Heart Piece.
- In the rear of the woods you'll find a signpost beside another log. Before entering the log, smack into the tree beside it. You'll find some Apples and another Maiamai. These things are everywhere in here.
- Go through the log. If you don't have the Pendants yet, you'll be redirected back into the normal Lost Woods. Otherwise...

Lost Woods Interior
- Past another log tunnel you'll find a gang of tricksy ghosts. One of them will speak to you, and he'll mix up their order to confuse you. You have to follow the one that spoke to you originally.
- Next up, assuming you guessed correctly (and, yes, as far as I can tell it IS random every time you do this), you'll have to pay attention to two of the ghosts, and then not follow them through their respective logs. Trickier, but not impossible.
- Last, you'll have to keep track of three ghosts rather than two. Still tricky, not terrible.
- (This puzzle gets easier each time you fail, cutting down on the number of ghosts you have to count. Fear not.)
- Eventually you'll make your way to the final grove... and, yep, your prize is waiting. Climb up to the pedestal and claim the Master Sword. Wooooo, extra damage! And an extra projectile beam when you're at full health! Now that's swanky. You're ready to invade Hyrule Castle and rescue Princess Zelda! End game, here we come!
(Well, probably not. Still, it's a turning point.)

Return Trip
  • Near the entrance of the Lost Woods, north of the Fortune Teller's Tent, is a giant rock blocking off a treasure chest. Return later with the Titan Mitts equipped and you can heave it out of the way to score... 20 rupees. Yaaaaay.
  • In the north of Lost Woods is a pit blocking off a hollowed tree trunk. Use the Hookshot to cross the pit and enter the tree. Inside is the Rumor Guy, who, when pressed, will tell you juicy tidbits about Hyrule's famous residents. Nothing useful, but interesting.