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Tower of Hera 1F
- Start off by using the Hammer to wham down the smiling spring creatures that block you from entering the dungeon.
- Ahead is a blue orb. Hit it and it will turn red, as well as lower the nearby walls. Do so. On the left is a turtle creature; hit it with the Hammer to knock it over, then smack it with your sword to kill it. Make your way to the north.
- Knock down the springs to the left of the barred window. Stand atop them and you'll be launched upward when they come back out again. Merge with the wall and slip through the bars; you'll find a chest with 50 rupees outside.
- Back in. Merge onto the west wall and make your way west, south, and back east, past the moving spiked balls. You'll find a larger spring which will shoot you up to the second floor; immediately drop down through the hole in the mesh to your left to find a chest with the dungeon's Compass.
- Use the large spring near the chest to reach the second floor again.
Tower of Hera 2F
- Avoid or kill the monsters. Use the spring on the left side of the floor.
Tower of Hera 3F
- Merge into the blue walls and hit either of the spheres, north or south.
- Stand atop the red walls after lowering them with another sword strike. Hit an orb again and the red walls will rise, allowing you to get at the Small Key. Use it on the door to the right.
- Hop on the platform that revolves around the Tower. Knock away birds as necessary, merge into the block partway through the revolution to avoid falling, and wait to approach smaller blocks that rise and fall. Merge into these to reach the next floor.
Tower of Hera 4F
- Take out the skeletons, then hit the orb to lower the blue wall. Hit the spring and use it to move up a floor.
Tower of Hera 5F
- Hit the switch to lower the red wall, stand on it, and hit the switch again to raise it and lower the blue wall. Open the chest to find five rupees.
- Stand on the blue wall and hit the switch one last time to raise your elevation. Merge into the wall and slip through the bars to your right.
- Another ride around the tower waits. Dodge the floating spiked balls as necessary, and merge with the large brick wall on the west side of the Tower. There's a door up here.

Tower of Hera 6F
- More skeletons within. Wipe the lot out with arrows or sword swipes. You'll reveal a teleporter back to the entrance, as well as a platform that rises and falls. Stand on the platform.
Tower of Hera 7F
- Hit the switch orbs and make your way to the top-left corner of the floor. Once there, use the Hammer to pound through the cracks in the floor. (Be careful doing this anywhere else.) Back on the sixth floor you'll find a Small Key and a big spring that will send you back to the seventh floor.
- Use the key on the door.
- Hop on the platform with the spring and ride it 'round the Tower. Pound it down just before the platform stops. It will send you up a floor.
Tower of Hera 9F
- Ride the next platform to the right side of the Tower and hop off. You'll find a chest below containing 100 rupees. Merge with the wall after cashing in and head west to return to the starting point.
- Once on the second platform, pound down on the spring just before it's inside the brick square overhead. It will send you upward with enough time to land properly.
- Put up your Shield in the next room, as floor tiles will start flying at you. Once they're done they'll reveal a platform that rises and falls. Beneath it are three Fairies and a chest containing 50 rupees. Step on the warp tile to return to the previous room.
- Ride the tile upward.
Tower of Hera 10F
- Treading carefully, you have to hit the four unlit orbs on this floor to lower another large spring into place. Use ranged attacks or Rods to keep the enemies at bay - sword strikes will probably drop you back to the previous floor.
Tower of Hera 11F
- The right spring will take you to the Big Key. The left spring takes you to the door made for that Key.
Tower of Hera 12F
- Continue springing upward until you find an arena-like area. One more spring will take you into combat.

Tower of Hera 13F / Moldorm
Alriiiiight, a blast from the past. This battle is both simple and tricky, as the Moldorm is kind of a one-trick pony. All it does is move relentlessly about its small arena, trying to trample you or knock you down onto the spiked balls below. Dodge its advance and swipe at the red orb on its tail. That's... all there is to it, really, though it does get faster with each hit it sustains. If you want some assistance your best friend is the Tornado Rod, as it will allow you to safely leap over the Moldorm's attacks. You'll usually land at its tail end, as well, which is really helpful for getting in hits.
Beat the Moldorm and you'll win a brand spankin' new Heart Container. You'll also earn the Pendant of Power, the last of the three tokens needed to unlock the Master Sword. Woooooo!