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Main Walkthrough

Part One: Sanctuary
Part Two: Kakariko Village
Part Three: Eastern Palace
Part Four: Lake Hylia
Part Five: House of Gales
Part Six: Death Mountain
Part Seven: Tower of Hera
Part Eight: Lost Woods
Part Nine: Hyrule Castle
Part Ten: Thieves' Town
Part Eleven: Thieves' Hideout
Part Twelve: Skull Woods
Part Thirteen: Skull Woods Dungeon
Part Fourteen: Misery Mire and Desert of Mystery
Part Fifteen: Desert Palace
Part Sixteen: The Great Swamp
Part Seventeen: Swamp Palace
Part Eighteen: Turtle Rock
Part Nineteen: Dark Palace Grounds
Part Twenty: Dark Palace
Part Twenty-One: Lorule Death Mountain
Part Twenty-Two: Ice Ruins
Part Twenty-Three: Lorule Castle


Lorule Graveyard and Zora's Domain
Treacherous Tower
Heart Pieces Locations
Maiamai Locations