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Main Walkthrough

Link's House / Hyrule

- Watch the opening cinematic. Oooo, dramatic cinematic.

- Once you have control of Link, hop out of bed and leave the house. Note that you can smash the pots at the side of the room by picking up and throwing them. This will occasionally yield rupees, the game's form of currency.

- Check in at the weather vane to save. Do this often to prevent losing much progress should you die. Check behind the house for more pots to smash.

- Follow Gulley west and north. Don't bother trying to sidetrack or you'll get in trouble. Tail him to the Blacksmith's shop on the outskirts of Kakariko Village. After getting in trouble you'll receive the Captain's Sword. No, you can't swing it around.

- The Blacksmith will put a marker on your map, leading to Hyrule Castle back east. Follow it. Don't bother going anywhere else just yet, as there's little you can do at this point.

Hyrule Castle

- Speak to the guard at the front gate of Hyrule Castle. He'll tell you the Captain has wandered off to the Sanctuary, in the north. Leave the Castle and head north.


- Save at the weather vane, then approach Seres and Dampe. Listen to them talk a bit. Something dramatic will happen. Ooo!

- Wooo, now you have a proper sword. Wander east to find the graveyard.

- Now that you're equipped, monsters will begin to appear. The green blobs are no worry, though if you push back the gravestones you'll come across ghosts that are a bit tricky. The only exception is the grave surrounded by stones, which will reveal a set of stairs instead. Go down.

- Your very first dungeon! Run straight ahead to find a Lamp. Equip it to shed more light on this shady area. There are plenty of pots to smash around here; beyond that, there's a simple puzzle to solve. Light the two braziers in the north with your Torch to open the way beyond.

- You'll come out in a much wider area. To your right are more pots to smash. (Note the Heart Piece on the ledge above. You'll get there eventually.) Head west, lighting more braziers along the way, and you'll soon encounter rats. Easy enough; kill them with a single swipe apiece. Along the way to the west wall you'll find a chest containing 20 rupees.

- At the far end, back on dry land, are stairs. Go up. Follow the walkway back east to find a Small Key, and use it on the locked door you passed earlier.

- You come out in a room with three patrolling ghosts. They're easy prey, even in the dark. Light the two braziers to open the next door to the north.

- Light the brazier in the next room. There's a set of stairs and two switches flanking the door at the top of the stairs. Pull the one on the left to open the door, or the one on the right... to drop snakes into the room. Yay.

- Run through. Cut scene commences. Something foul is afoot!

Link's House

- A weirdo named Ravio saves you. Agree to let him stay and he'll give you Ravio's Bracelet. Just don't touch Link's stuff, Ravio.


- Back to the world map. As before, you can now explore with relative impunity. If you plan on following the story, you'd best go north to Hyrule Castle.

- Check out the courtyard of the Castle before entering. The soldiers here will teach you some combat basics, which... you've probably discovered on your own. Still, they're trying to be helpful.

Hyrule Castle

- Check the left entrance of the Castle to start. Beside the lollygagging soldier in the north is a chest containing five rupees.

- Back to the main entrance. Speak to the guard out front to spark a cut scene.

- Follow Impa inside. Check out the five paintings in the gallery. They're numbered one through five. Eventually Impa will emerge and usher you upstairs.

- Cut scene of import! Once it's done you'll have a new errand, and Princess Zelda will give you a Charm. Ooo, that looks important. You're then directed to Kakariko Village to meet with a familiar face.

Return Trip
  • Make a second trip to the Sanctuary's sewer system after you've unlocked the ability to merge with walls. Cling to the wall near the chest where you found the Small Key and you can wander over and grab the Heart Piece.
  • To the left of the entrance of the Sanctuary is a cliff edge. Attached to the cliff is a Maiamai. You need to be able to merge with surfaces before you can pry it free.
  • One screen west of Link's House, south of Hyrule Castle, is a grove of trees. Dash into the tree on the right side of the screen using the Pegasus Boots to reveal a Maiamai.
  • Dash into the tree on the west side of Hyrule Castle to find another Maiamai.