As you play through OH! RPG!’s five main chapters (ignoring the three ‘story’ chapters) you will receive User Rank points based on your performance in each chapter. Points are based on four different factors:
  • How much experience you earned
  • How much gold you earned
  • How many times you used Hero Call
  • Whether or not you completed the chapter’s optional side quest
In other words, to maximize your score you need to kill as many enemies as you can, utilize Hero Call as little as possible (preferably never), and complete a chapter’s side quest. You’ll receive your score at the end of a chapter, and the cumulative scores of each chapter will be tallied up into your User Rank.

What does User Rank offer? Aside from bragging rights, User Rank brings with it a series of bonuses. Each bonus affects your game in a variety of ways, from the minor to the major, and presents you with additional affects to make subsequent play-throughs of a chapter easier. In order to get all five bonuses you’ll probably have to play all five chapters through with a reasonable degree of skill, as each one yields up around 200 points each. The User Rank bonuses are as follows:

Call Ralph! - 200 Points

The first bonus is arguably the most useful for first-time players. Call Ralph! is a Hero Call that requires one turn to trigger, and it brings in a pixelated dude named Ralph to batter your enemies. Ralph hits every enemy on the screen for approximately 300 points of damage, reducing their physical defence in the process. 

You can use Call Ralph! twice per chapter. Despite being the ‘worst’ of the bonuses Call Ralph! will probably get the most use, as you can get it after one, maybe two chapters of play, and it’s pretty great for wiping out groups of minor enemies. Unlike other Hero Calls, Call Ralph! will not affect your User Rank.

Don Miguel - 400 Points

Next up on the list is Don Miguel, an interpreter. Don Miguel has no effect to offer in combat, and most of the time he’ll sit quietly in your inventory. The only time Don Miguel speaks up is when you find one of several mysterious stone tablets spread through four of the five chapters. Approach them with the Don Miguel bonus and he will translate them for you. All four add up to a code that you can use to access a secret boss on Volcanic Mountain. The tablets are in the following locations:
  • Evil Castle - Near the midway point of the main path, more or less out in the open
  • Abandoned Village - Under the house where you find the Serpent Boots
  • Dark Forest - On the second floor of the Church, accessible via the bath house side quest
  • Castle - East side of the courtyard after the chapter begins
(The developers want the code to be a secret, so find ‘em yourself. It won’t take long.)

Database Edit - 600 Points

Third in line is a slightly more meta hack. The Database Edit is an item that temporarily sets the HP and MP of one of your characters (preferably your main character for the chapter) to 9,999 for a single battle. After the battle ends both amounts will be reset to normal. You can use Database Edit once per chapter.

Mapping Tool - 725 Points

The Mapping Tool plays clean-up in OH! RPG!. While wandering around in the first, second, fourth, and fifth playable chapters you may come across little landscape glitches that stick out from the usual terrain. These take the form of tiles that do not belong, such as the top of a turret sitting in the middle of a dirt field. You’ll recognize ‘em as soon as you see ‘em, and if you use the Mapping Tool beside one of these glitchy areas you’ll immediately create a path to a hidden room where you can find more items. These items (particularly the weapons) are usually strong enough to make the rest of the chapter a joke to complete, particularly if you’re trying to get a high score by not using Hero Calls.

There are four glitches in all in OH! RPG!. They're in the following areas:
  • Evil Castle - Northwest corner of the interior of Evil Castle just after fighting the optional Orc battle - room contains a CHAINSAW and 800 G
  • Abandoned Village - Just west of the Hidden Cottage at the end of the chapter - hole contains a Basilisk, three Herbal Dusts, and three Jewelweeds
  • Dark Forest - In the eastern hallway of the Church, connecting to the bathhouse - door contains a battle with a Ghost, two Spirits, two Angry Spirits, and two Gloomy Ghost; they’re guarding a chest that contains Devil Grapes
  • Castle - In the Princess's Tower, if you climb back up after going through the window and descending the vines on the wall - the chest in the door contains an Uber Hammer, and will extend the time limit for escaping by five minutes
Square Tiles - 900 Points

The ultimate attack. Square Tiles is similar to Call Ralph! in that it hits every enemy for moderate damage after a single turn of charging, and can be used twice in a chapter. Unlike Call Ralph!, however, Square Tiles will also hit its targets with just about every status ailment in the book, short of poison and mute. None of them really matter, though, except stun, which will persist permanently. As a consequence you can use Square Tiles to utterly immobilize any enemy in the game, after which point you can bash them to death at your leisure. Even the strongest of bosses are not immune to the effects of Square Tiles.