Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Liberty Reprimed
Trigger: Speak to Elder Maxson
Reward: Varies; see below - always gain 300 XP

- Upon completing Liberty Reprimed and activating the massive robot you’ll be sent to see Elder Maxson. He’s in his usual spot on the observation deck of the Prydwen, and he’s pissed. Easy to see why. You can convince him of your own innocence for some extra experience, but it doesn’t help much.

- Head to the Main Deck and speak to Quinlan. Scribe Haylen will interject herself. Follow her, listen to her pleas, and she’ll give you Danse’s probably location: Listening Point Bravo. It’s a small, sheltered base in the north of the Commonwealth, a fair trip east of Sanctuary. If you completed The Lost Patrol you should know the area fairly well.

Listening Point Bravo

- Listening Point Bravo is set into the side of a small dirt cliff, adjacent to a helipad. A light out front will help you find the entrance. So, too, will a pair of Turrets above the entrance. You can easily take these out by sneaking up on ‘em from above. Just inside the entrance is an Advanced locked door with some goodies inside, including a Fusion Core atop a toolbox. An elevator will take you inside the Listening Point.

- There are two Protectrons and a wall Turret in the room where Danse is holed up. Take ‘em out, then have a bit of a look around. There are a few items of semi-use to find, though nothing really stands out, besides a terminal with some odd entries on it. You can reach Danse by going through a busted wall on your right.

- Have a chat with Danse. (Why isn’t he wearing clothes?) Ultimately you have some decisions to make:
  • Kill Danse. He won’t stop you. Once that’s done, retrieve Danse’s Holotags from his body. Report back to Maxson on the Prydwen to complete the quest. This choice, obviously, will remove Danse as a companion for the rest of the game. You’ll gain Danse’s Power Armor and his quarters aboard the Prydwen.
  • Let Danse commit suicide. The results are more or less the same, you just don’t pull the trigger yourself.
  • Refuse to kill Danse and let him flee. He’ll give you Danse’s Holotags and you’ll confront Maxson on the surface. You can either opt again to kill him, get Maxson to do the job, or try and convince Maxson to spare Danse. If you do persuade Maxson he’ll leave Danse alone, and you can speak to him afterward. If you tell him to leave, he’s gone for good; if you tell him to stay, he’ll remain at the Listening Post, and you can continue to use him as a companion. Speak to Maxson back on the Prydwen to receive the Power Armor and Danse’s old quarters.
Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll complete the quest and gain a new one, Tactical Thinking.

Re-recruiting Danse

Assuming Danse survived the mission and remained in the Commonwealth he will be available as a companion, and he’ll have the best suit of Power Armor available at his command, rather than his older suit. (Dude still won’t wear a helmet unless you force one on him, though.) Danse’s upgrade comes at a cost, however, as the Brotherhood of Steel will count you as an enemy whenever he’s in your party, and will become immediately hostile should they spot the pair of you. Keep him away from Brotherhood patrols when possible, and avoid the Prydwen, Boston Airport, and the Cambridge Police Station unless you’re looking for a fight.

One other thing to note. Though Danse is no longer part of the Brotherhood, he still loves them to death. If you become an enemy to the Brotherhood on your own he won’t become an enemy, but he won’t talk to you anymore either. Be careful.